It is ALRC policy to publish public submissions on this website. Publication will not be immediate as submissions need to be read and processed prior to publication. 

Submissions listed as ‘not published’ have been withheld from publication for privacy or legal concerns. 

Submissions to Discussion Paper (DP86)

256. PDF iconAttorney-General’s Department (PDF)

257. PDF iconGlobal Mobility Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents (PDF)

258. PDF iconAssociation of Family and Conciliation Courts Australian Chapter (PDF)

259. PDF iconDrummond Street Services (PDF)

260. PDF iconResolution Institute (PDF)

261. PDF iconJ Howieson, R Carroll, S Murray, I Murray, L Young, L Jarvis, D Hansen and F Lester (PDF)

263. PDF iconPeninsula Community Legal Centre (PDF)

264. PDF iconRainbow Families Victoria (PDF)

265. PDF iconAustralian Children’s Contact Service Association (PDF)

266. PDF iconDr D Tustin (PDF)

267. PDF iconRelationships Australia Victoria (PDF)

268. PDF iconUniting (PDF)

269. PDF iconFamily Law Pathways Network Greater Melbourne (PDF)

270. PDF iconAssociation of Superannuation Funds of Australia (PDF)

271. PDF iconMegan Mitchell, National Children’s Commissioner (PDF)

272. PDF iconEconomic Abuse Reference Group (PDF)

273. PDF iconGreater Brisbane Family Law Pathways Network (PDF)

274. PDF iconSpeech Pathology Australia (PDF)

275. PDF iconSporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (PDF)

276. PDF iconLegal Profession Board of Tasmania (PDF)

277. PDF iconVictorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner (PDF)

278. PDF iconANROWS (PDF)

279. PDF iconBravehearts (PDF)

280. PDF iconRoyal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (PDF)

281. PDF iconAustralian Psychological Society (PDF)

282. PDF iconDr M Livermore (PDF)

283. PDF iconCentre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare (PDF)

284. PDF iconDomestic Violence Victoria (PDF)

285. PDF iconLaw Council of Australia (PDF)

286. PDF iconWomen’s Legal Service Qld (PDF)

287. PDF iconRape & Domestic Violence Services Australia (PDF)

288. PDF iconMarrickville Legal Centre (PDF)

289. PDF iconProf R Carroll (PDF)

290.PDF icon NATSILS (PDF)

291. PDF iconAnglicare Australia (PDF)

292. PDF iconCaxton Legal Centre (PDF)

293. PDF iconNational Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (PDF)

294. PDF iconHume Riverina Community Legal Service (PDF)

295. PDF iconAustralian Association of Social Workers (PDF)

296. PDF iconM Kaye (PDF)

297. PDF iconNational Legal Aid (PDF)

298. PDF iconZ Rathus (PDF)

299. FileGrant Bowen (Word)

300. FileLucy Thethewey (Word)

301. PDF iconRoland Bow (PDF)

302. PDF iconWilliam Fleming (PDF)

303. FileChild Support Australia (Word)

304. FileK Payne (Word)

305. FileDr David Thorp (Word)

306. FileMegan Loukes (Word)

307. PDF iconPartnerships Victoria (PDF)

308. FileHon Mary Finn (Word)

309. PDF iconFamily Life (PDF)

310. PDF iconMallee Family Care (PDF)

311. PDF iconFamily Court of Western Australia (PDF)

312. PDF iconUnitingCare Queensland (PDF)

313. PDF iconNSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (PDF)

314. PDF iconLiberal Democratic Party (PDF)

315. FileCatholicCare Sydney (Word)

316. FileSurrogacy Australia (Word)

317. PDF iconRelationships Australia National (PDF)

318. PDF iconCrystal Peterson (PDF)

319. FileBelinda Fehlberg (Word)

320. FileDonna Cooper (Word)

321. PDF iconAlastair Lawrie (PDF)

322. PDF iconBrimbank Melton Community Legal Centre (PDF)

323. FileNational LGBTI Health Alliance (Word)

324. PDF iconNSW Legal Services Commissioner (PDF) 

325. PDF iconJacqueline Campbell (PDF)

326. PDF iconAustralian Association of Collaborative Professionals (PDF)

327. FileDr Michelle Fernando and Dr Nicola Ross (Word)

328. PDF iconVictorian Association of Collaborative Professionals (PDF)

329. PDF iconJohn Drake (PDF)

330. PDF iconMichael Packer (PDF)

331. PDF iconHelen Couzner (PDF)

332. PDF iconSwaab (PDF)

333. PDF iconVictorian Judicial Advisory Group in Family Violence (PDF)

334. PDF iconCentral Coast Family Law Pathways Network (PDF)

335. FileEmily Schindeler (Word)

336. PDF iconFitzroy Legal Service and Darebin Community Legal Service (PDF)

337. PDF iconMELCA (PDF)

338. PDF iconPortable (PDF)

339. PDF iconMediator Standards Board (PDF)

340. PDF iconWomen’s Legal Service NSW (PDF)

341. PDF iconPatrick Parkinson (PDF)

342. FileJustine Sturgiss (Word)

343. FileJason Kirkpatrick (Word)

344. PDF iconMegan Morris and Kim Halford (PDF)

345. PDF iconJames Reid (PDF)

346. PDF iconMacarthur Legal Centre (PDF)

347. PDF iconRuth Hainsworth (PDF)

348. PDF iconChristopher Turnbull (PDF)

349. PDF iconAndrew Lancaster (PDF)

350. FileAldrin Mendonca (Word)

351. PDF iconAdam Peaty (PDF)

352. FileLesley Laing, Cathy Humphreys, Susan Heward-Belle and Georgia Ovenden (Word)

353. PDF iconSherika Ponniah and Meera Klemola (PDF)

354. PDF iconDr L Steele (PDF)

355. PDF iconFamily Law Reform Coalition (PDF)

356. PDF iconLuke Hoskin (PDF)

357. PDF iconLander & Rogers Lawyers (PDF)

358. PDF iconRichard Russell (PDF)

359. PDF iconBaptist Care Australia (PDF)

360. PDF iconSA Commissioner for Children and Young People (PDF)

361. PDF iconElizabeth Pinna (PDF)

362. Microsoft Office document iconFamily Inclusion Network Qld Townsville Inc (Word)

363. PDF iconDomestic Violence NSW (PDF)

364. FileRainbow Families NSW (Word)

365. FileRami Singer (Word)

366. PDF iconWomen’s Legal Services Australia (PDF)

367. PDF iconLGBTI Legal Service (PDF)

368. PDF iconFamily Law Practitioners Association Qld (PDF)

369. PDF iconDon Huggins (PDF)

370. PDF iconTownsville Community Legal Service Inc (PDF)

371. PDF iconGood Shepherd Australia New Zealand (PDF)

372. PDF iconShoalcoast Community Legal Centre Inc (PDF)

373. PDF iconNSW Bar Association (PDF)

374. PDF iconNick Hansen (PDF)

375. FileVictoria Legal Aid (Word)

376. PDF iconHESTA (PDF)

377. PDF iconDomestic and Family Violence Death Review and Advisory Board (PDF)

378. PDF iconQueensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) (PDF)

379. PDF iconAustralian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA) (PDF)

380. PDF iconAboriginal Legal Service (NSWACT) (PDF)

381. PDF iconAboriginal Justice Caucus Working Group on Family Violence (PDF)

382. PDF iconInner City Legal Centre (PDF)

383. FileDomestic Violence Prevention Centre, Gold Coast Inc (Word)

384. PDF iconATSILS (Qld) (PDF)

385. PDF iconCommunity Legal Centres NSW (PDF)

386. PDF iconAustralian Dispute Resolution Advisory Council (ADRAC) (PDF)

387. PDF iconLaw Institute of Victoria (PDF)

388. PDF iconYourtown (PDF)

389. PDF iconInteract Support Inc (PDF)

390. PDF iconJudicial Council on Cultural Diversity (PDF)

391. PDF iconCommissioner for Children and Young People WA (PDF)

392. PDF iconJFA Purple Orange (PDF)

393. PDF iconFighters Against Child Abuse Australia (F.A.C.A.A.) (PDF)

394. PDF iconPatricia Easteal and Lisa Young (PDF)

395. PDF iconSusan De Campo and Ameila De Campo (PDF)

396. PDF iconAustralian Institute of Family Studies (PDF)

397. FileNeil Jackson (Word)

398. PDF iconNo to Violence (PDF)

399. PDF iconAdvocacy for Inclusion (PDF)

400. PDF iconFamily Court of Australia (PDF)

401. PDF iconHon Jenny Mikakos, Minister for Families and Children (PDF)

402. FileWomen with Disabilities Victoria (Word)

403. FileZ Rathus, H Menih, S Jeffries, R Field (Word)

404. PDF iconCASA Forum Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault (PDF)

405. PDF iconOffice of the Public Advocate VIC (PDF)

406. PDF iconCommunity and Public Sector Union (CPSU) (PDF)

407. PDF iconFamily and Relationship Services Australia (PDF)

408. PDF iconSafe Steps Family Violence Response Centre (PDF)

409. FilePeople with Disability Australia (Word)

410. PDF iconFamily Law Practitioners’ Association of Western Australia (Inc) (PDF)

411. PDF iconMonash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre (PDF)

412. PDF iconGadens (PDF)

413. FileWomen’s Legal Service Victoria (Word)

414. PDF iconCommonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (PDF)

415. PDF iconFamily Law Practitioners’ Association of Tasmania (PDF)

416. FileInterrelate Limited (Word)

417. PDF iconWomen’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (PDF)

418. PDF iconIntersex Human Rights Australia (PDF)

419. PDF iconMagistrates Court of Victoria and Children’s Court of Victoria (PDF)

421. PDF iconFor Kids Sake (PDF)

422. PDF iconJulia Meyerowitz-Katz (PDF)

424. FileCatholicCare (Word)

425. PDF iconBetter Place (PDF)

426. PDF iconUniting Communities (PDF)


Submissions to Issues Paper (IP48)

1. TASC National (PDF)

2. Anglicare SA (Word)

3. Far North Coast Family Law Practitioners Association (FNCFLPA) (PDF)

4. Churches of Christ Care (PDF)

5. Youth Affairs Council of South Australia (PDF)

6. P Theobald (Word)

7. Fitzroy Legal Service and Darebin Community Legal Centre (PDF)

8. Western Sydney CLC (Word)

9. Family Life (PDF)

10. People with Disability Australia (PWDA) (Word)

11. Relationships Australia  (PDF)

12. Australian Dispute Resolution Advisory Council Inc (ADRAC) (PDF)

13. Australia Bar Association  (PDF)

14. PDF iconNational LGBTI Health Alliance (PDF)

15. Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre (PDF)

16. Queensland Family and Child Commission (PDF)

17. Albury Wodonga Family Law Pathways Network (PDF)

18. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (PDF)

19. R Stanfield (Word) 

20. Drummond Street Services (PDF)

21. V Sinclair (Word)

22. A Tate (Word)

23. Domestic Violence Victoria (PDF)

24. Central Australian Women’s Legal Service (CAWLS) (PDF)

25. Australian Association of Social Workers (PDF)

26. Berry Street (PDF)

27. Family Law Practitioners Association WA (Word)

28. Setting the Record Straight for the Rights of the Child (Word)

30. Peninsula Community Legal Centre (PDF)

31. Australasian Centre for Human Rights and Health (PDF)

32. No to Violence (Word)

33. Domestic Violence Legal Workers’ Network of WA (PDF)

34. Community Legal Centres NSW (PDF)

35. D Bryant (Word)

36. Mallee Family Care (Word)

37. Office of the Public Advocate (PDF)

38. Migrant Women’s Lobby Group of SA (PDF)

39. Professor B Fehlberg, L Sarmas and Professor J Morgan (Word)

40. Women’s Law Centre of WA (Word)

41. Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators (PDF)

42. ATSILS Qld (PDF)

43. Law Council of Australia (PDF)

44. Domestic Violence NSW (PDF)

45. Women’s Legal Services Australia (PDF)

46. T Murdock, Dispute Management Australia (PDF)

47. R Honey, Murdoch University (Word)

48. Dr C Turnbull (Word)

49. Court Network (PDF)

50. Koori Caucus Working Group on Family Violence (Word)

51. Caxton Legal Centre (PDF)

52. M Wood (Word)

53. Family & Relationship Services Australia (PDF)

54. Human Rights Law Centre (PDF)

55. Australian Psychological Society (PDF)

56. P Curry (Word)

57. Women Lawyers of Western Australia (PDF)

58. Domestic Violence Action Centre (Word)

59. Family Relationship Centre Port Augusta (Word)

60. F Kelly (Word)

61. Victoria Legal Aid (Word)

62. Relationships Australia South Australia (PDF)

63. National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum (PDF)

64. Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia (PDF)

65. Federation of Community Legal Centres (Victoria) (PDF)

66. R Davies (Word)

67. C Cassidy (Word)

68. Family Court of Australia (PDF)

69. Family Law Practitioners Association of Tasmania (PDF)

70. Resolution Institute (Word)

71. M Westby (Word)

72. PeakCare Queensland Inc (PDF)

73. Access Community Services Ltd (PDF)

74. A Weller (Word)

75. T Quinn (Word)

76. Brimbank Melton Community Legal Centre (PDF)

77. Dr B Batagol (Word)

78. Family Inclusion Network Queensland (Townsville) (Word)

79. CatholicCare Sydney (Word)

80. Bar Association of Queensland (PDF)

81. Hunter Community Legal Centre (PDF)

82. The Humanitarian Group (PDF)

83. Mediator Standards Board (Word)

84. Victorian Women Lawyers (PDF)

85. Seniors Rights Service (Word)

86. The Benevolent Society (PDF)

87. Public Advocate & Children and Young People Commissioner, ACT Human Rights Commission (PDF)

88. Law Society of South Australia (PDF)

89. Liberty Victoria, Rights Advocacy Project (PDF)

90. Advocacy for Inclusion (Word)

91. Victorian Association of Collaborative Professionals (PDF)

92. Z Rathus (PDF)

93. ASD Family Legal (PDF)

94. D Plummer (Word)

95. NSW Bar Association (Word)

96. Families for Children’s Rights: The Australian Movement (Word)

97. I Vann (Word)

98. J Szyndler (Word)

99. Lone Fathers Association of Australia (Word)

100. Women’s Legal Service Victoria (Word)

101. Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (PDF)

102. Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare (PDF)

103. P Law (Word)

104. Associate Professor B Smyth (PDF)

105. Women’s Rights Group, Monash Law Student Society Just Leadership Program (PDF)

106. Rainbow Families Victoria (PDF)

107. Interact Support Inc (Word)

108. NSW Young Lawyers Family Law Committee, Law Society of NSW (PDF)

109. Centre for Innovative Justice, RMIT University (PDF)

110. M Job and H Meagher (PDF)

111. E Schindeler (PDF)

112. R Watton (PDF)

113. National Judicial College of Australia (PDF)

114. PDF iconRelationships Australia Northern Territory (PDF)

115. CatholicCare Victoria Tasmania (CCVT) (PDF)

116. Djirra Letter (PDF)

117. S Fitzroy-Mendis (PDF)

118. For kids Sake (PDF)

119. D Redford (PDF)

120. Unchain my heart and National Council of  Jewish Women of Australia (PDF)

121. South Australian Bar Association (PDF)

122. Joint NATSIWA_Harmony_AWAVA (PDF)

123.  L Bowen (PDF)

124.  Inner City Legal Centre (PDF)

125, Centacare Family Relationship Services (Word)

126. Interrelate (PDF)

127. O Hirsig (PDF)

128. YFoundations (PDF)

129. Relationships Australia Victoria (PDF)

130. Hume Riverina Community Legal Service (PDF)

131. R Alexander (PDF)

132. R Chisholm (PDF)

133. R Saladino (PDF)

134. White Ribbon Australia (PDF)

135. FMC Mediation and Counselling (PDF)

136. CPSU (PDF)

137. Marrickville Legal Centre (PDF)

138. Grandparents Victoria (PDF)

139. Parenting Coordination Australia (PDF)

140. Farrar Gesini Dunn (PDF)

141. Gowland Legal (PDF)

142. R Hainsworth (PDF)

143. Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland (PDF)

144. Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals (PDF)

145. J Webb (PDF)

146. Relationships Australia Qld and Culshaw Miller Lawyers (PDF)

147. The Parenting Centre (PDF)

148. Bravehearts Foundation Ltd (PDF)

149. ODRI (PDF)

150. Queensland Council of Social Service (PDF)

151. S Thompson (PDF)

152. Anglicare WA (PDF)

153. Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services NSW (PDF)

154. Law Society of NSW (PDF)

155. MELCA (PDF)



158. Women’s Legal Service Queensland (PDF)

159. Townsville Community Legal Service (PDF)

160. Collaborative Practice Canberra (PDF)

161. Springvale Monash Legal Service (PDF)

162. Uniting (PDF)

163. National Legal Aid (PDF)

164. Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Centre (PDF)

165. D Cooper (PDF)

166. Research team Z Rathus AM, Dr S Jeffries, Dr H Menih, Professor R Field (PDF)

167. Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia (PDF)

168. N Ciffolilli (PDF)

169. C Fitzpatrick, E  Hooper, C Hooper and J Dmitrovic (PDF)

170. Queensland Association of Collaborative Practitioners (PDF)

171. AC.CARE (PDF)

172. Dr M Fernando (PDF)

173. H Robert (PDF)

174. R Kerr (PDF)

175. D Loveday (PDF)

176. Professor M Keyes (PDF)

177. Chidambara Raj C.B. (PDF)

178. M Packer (PDF)

179. J Wangmann, T Booth and M Kaye of UTS Faculty of Law (PDF)

180. Feminist Legal Clinic (PDF)

181. Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service (PDF)

182. Women’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services  WA (PDF)

183. U Chowdhury, A Rimovetz, E Post and S Davis (PDF)

184. M Brandon (PDF)

185. R Chen (PDF)

186. Dr C May (PDF)

187. R Grayson (PDF)

188. R Tilbrook (PDF)

189. Intersex Human Rights Australia (PDF)

190. ANU Law Reform and Social Justice (PDF)

191. Dr S Meyer (PDF)

192. M Thorley (PDF)

193. ACT LGBTIQ Ministerial Advisory Council (PDF)

194. Sex Workers Outreach Project (PDF)

195. R Singh (PDF)

196. A Kennedy (PDF)

197. CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay (PDF)

198. Lander & Rogers (PDF)

199. R Khosa (PDF)

200. Toowoomba and South West Queensland Family Law Pathways Network (PDF)

201. Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc (PDF)

202. National Council of Women of Australia (NCWA) (PDF)

203. Dr A Gearing (PDF)

204. Yourtown (PDF)

205. Think Law Group Pty Ltd (PDF)

206. Australian Institute of Family Studies AIFS (PDF)

207. Australian Children’s Contact Service Association (PDF)

208. Rainbow Territory (PDF)

209. P Bachmann (PDF)

210. Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW and ACT) (PDF)

211. Dr L Steele (PDF)

212. Rainbow Families NSW (PDF)

213. Women’s Legal Service Victoria (PDF)

214. St Kilda Legal Services (PDF)

215. M Kaye (PDF)

216. S Christie (PDF)

217. Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF)

218. Women’s Legal Service NSW (PDF)

219. Outer West Domestic Violence Network (PDF)

220. M Paul (PDF)

221. Queensland Law Society (PDF)

222. Moores and MELCA (PDF)

223. C Williams (PDF)

224. M Jackson (PDF)

225. H Burgess (PDF)

226. J Zeleznikow (PDF)

227. K Fitzpatrick (PDF)

228. Australian Paralegal Foundation (PDF)

229. Surrogacy Australia (PDF)

230. Justice for Children Australia (PDF)

231. Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation (PDF)

232. Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Australian Chapter (PDF)

233. PDF iconDr D Tustin (PDF)

234. PDF iconP Easteal (PDF)

235. PDF iconLoddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre and Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre (PDF)

236. PDF iconThe National Council of Single Mothers and Their Children (PDF)

237. FileM Derry (Word)

238. FileS Mison-Popow (Word)

239. PDF iconAustralian Association for Infant Mental Health (PDF)

240. PDF iconL Hudson (PDF)