Topics of Interest

The ALRC DataHub offers opportunities to explore how lawmaking by the Australian Parliament and Executive Government has changed over the past 120 years. The DataHub’s Topics of Interest series of webpages provides case studies in how data can be used to tell original stories about law, law-making, and legal history. The data is a reminder that Australia’s history is, in part, written in and through its laws.

Example case studies — using the data

Example analysis: The financial services legislative universe

Figure 1 is a visual representation of all in force corporations and financial services legislation. The yellow points are Acts while the blue points are legislative instruments. The lines indicate whether one piece of legislation is authorising, amending, or modifying another piece of legislation. The Figure was created using the corporations and financial services network data set and visualised with the open-source software Cytoscape.

Figure 1: Relationships between in force corporations and financial services legislation