Past Inquiries

1996 - 2000


Federal civil and administrative penalties

In January 2000, the federal Attorney-General asked the ALRC to review Commonwealth laws and arrangements relating to the imposition of administrative and civil penalties with a view to identifying clear and consistent principles, and ensuring there is a fair, effective and practical system of decision making and enforcement.Within every government regulatory scheme is a system

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Review of the Judiciary Act 1903

The terms of reference required the ALRC to review the Judiciary Act and related legislation, taking into account, among other things, whether these Acts provide for the efficient administration of law and justice in the exercise of federal jurisdiction.The ALRC was specifically asked to consider such matters as the source, scope and exercise of federal

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Review of the federal civil justice system

The Australian Law Reform Commission’s review of the federal civil justice system was instigated in November 1995 after concerns that Australian legal proceedings were becoming excessively adversarial and that this was having a damaging effect on the delivery of justice.Managing justice: A review of the federal civil justice system (ALRC Report 89) represents the culmination

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Review of the Proceeds of Crime Act 1987

The fundamental principle of confiscation legislation is that people who engage in unlawful activity should not profit from breaking the laws of society. Money or property gained from such activity should be confiscated, to prevent the reinvestment of that profit into further illegal acts. The ALRC’s review of Australia’s confiscation regime found that groundbreaking proceeds

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Review of the Archives Act 1983

The ALRC began its review of the Archives Act in August 1996 – the first major review of the Archives Act 1983 (Cth), which was drafted at a time when Commonwealth government records were predominantly in paper format. The ALRC found that the quality of recordkeeping by Commonwealth agencies varied widely and was often inadequate.

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Children in the legal process

This inquiry into the way children and young people are treated by the legal system and legal processes began on 28 August 1995. This was a joint inquiry conducted by the ALRC in conjunction with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC).Seen and heard: priority for children in the legal process (ALRC Report 84)

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Complaints against the Australian Federal Police and National Crime Authority

The Australian Law Reform Commission initially received a reference in March 1995 to inquire into and report on the Complaints (Australian Federal Police) Act 1981 (Cth) and the complaints and disciplinary system of the Australian Federal Police (AFP). In July 1995 the reference was extended to inquire into and report on the complaints and disciplinary

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Disability services

This reference was received in August 1995. The final report for this inquiry was the third in a series of inquiries into Acts administered by the Department of Health and Family Services.The final report (ALRC Report 79) provides a detailed analysis of the Disability Services Act 1986 (Cth). The Commission identified a number of flaws

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