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RECORDING Crypto Assets and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations Webinar

On 15 February 2023, the Australian Law Reform Commission, in association with the Corporate Law and Financial Regulation Research Program at Melbourne Law School, held a webinar on the regulation of crypto assets and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs).

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Corporations, Financial Services and Charities – Regulatory Complexity and Coherence

On 6 February 2023, Dr Andrew Godwin (Special Counsel and Team Leader at the Australian Law Reform Commission) presented a paper with Professor Rosemary Langford of Melbourne Law School on ‘Corporations, Financial Services and Charities – Regulatory Complexity and Coherence’.

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Judicial Legitimacy

This article published in Australian Law Journal Volume 97 (1) by the Hon Justice Stephen Gageler AC addresses some of the key themes of the ALRC Report, Without Fear or Favour: Judicial Impartiality and the Law on Bias (ALRC Report 138).

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Without Fear or Favour: The ALRC’s Report on Judicial Impartiality

Australian Public Law Blog Article by Dr William Isdale and Sarah Fulton

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Judicial impartiality in a changing world

Proctor Article by Dr William Isdale and Sarah Fulton

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Recent Developments in Admiralty: Here and Abroad

The Hon Justices SC Derrington and Stewart presented updates on UK, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia at the Federal Court of Australia Admiralty and Maritime Seminar held on 28 July 2022.

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Risk and Reform in Australian Financial Services Law

Australian Law Journal Article by Nicholas Simoes da Silva and Dr William Isdale.

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Crypto assets and the challenges for regulatory design

TechREG Chronicle article by Dr Andrew Godwin

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Monash Fiat Justitia Lecture 2022

On Tuesday 7 June Monash University Law Faculty hosted the 2022 Fiat Justitia Lecture: Without Fear or Favour. ALRC President the Hon Justice SC Derrington AM presented the keynote address.

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Dr Godwin presents at UCL Regulating Digital and Crypto-finance Webinar

On Tuesday 22 March 2022 the Centre for Ethics and Law at University College London hosted the webinar, Regulating Digital and Crypto-finance: A Conversation Across Borders. The panel bought together a number of experts, including ALRC Special Counsel Dr Andrew Godwin, to discuss the different reform agendas that may be pursued in different jurisdictions relating to crypto-finance and digital finance innovations more broadly.

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