Past Inquiries

1975 - 1980


Privacy (1976-83)

The ALRC received a wide-ranging reference on privacy from the federal Attorney-General in April 1976. At the same time, public controversy arose in relation to certain aspects of the census to be held on 30 June 1976, therefore, the Attorney-General requested that the implications of the census for individual privacy be taken into account in

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Complaints against police

The Australian Law Reform Commission received its first reference in May 1975 and issued a working paper before concluding its final report Complaints Against Policy (ALRC Report 1), tabled in federal Parliament on 7 August 1975.The proposals in ALRC Report 1 were substantially accepted by the then federal Government and included in the Australia Police Bill

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Criminal investigation

This report, Criminal Investigation, arose out of the first reference given to the Commission. The Commission had split the work into the work on police complaints and the work on criminal investigation. The report on police complaints (ALRC Report 1) was tabled in August 1975.ALRC Report 2 identified that the primary objective of criminal investigation

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Alcohol, drugs and driving

ALRC Report 4 considered the problems in the application of the laws of the Australian Capital Territory designed to control the driving of motor vehicles by persons who had consumed alcohol or other intoxicating drugs.The report inquired into technical matters such as procedures and types of equipment for breath and other testing, the correlation between

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