Corporate Criminal Responsibility

An inquiry into Australia’s Corporate Criminal Responsibility Regime.

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Past Inquiries

Where next for law reform? (2019)
Family Law (2019)
Litigation Funding (2018)
Pathways to Justice (2017)
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Exemptions Inquiry

An inquiry into the Framework of Religious Exemptions in Anti-discrimination Legislation.

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The Australian Law Reform Commission is an independent Australian Government agency that provides recommendations for law reform to Government on issues referred to it by the Attorney-General of Australia.

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The Future of Law Reform Webinar Series

What are the most pressing areas for law reform in Australia today? The ALRC undertook research and broad public consultation to address this question in 2019. In July ...

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COVID-19: Changes to ALRC operations

From Wednesday 25 March, the Australian Law Reform Commission will action enquiries by email only, due to the current status of COVID-19.

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Corporate Crime Discussion Paper

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A Pathway for Justice

Indigenous Incarceration

COVID-19: Changes to ALRC operations

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Where next for law reform?

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