Reform journal

The Australian Law Reform Commission published the first issue of Reform in January 1976, and then twice a year until 2010. The journal’s aim was to raise public awareness of contemporary legal issues and provides a forum for high-quality debate on issues of law reform in an easy-to-read format.

Previous articles contributed by leading Australian and overseas experts provided a valuable opportunity for independent analysis of a variety of legal issues and processes. Reform also provided the latest news on local and international law reform projects in its regular feature ‘Reform Roundup’.

Most articles from past issues of Reform since 1995 are available online via the AustLII website.

Issue number
Publication date

 Issue 95


Religion and Anti-discrimination

(Special issue arising out of the work of law students who conducted research on issues relating to the ALRC’s inquiry into religious exemptions in anti-discrimination legislation.)

Issue 94 Summer 2009 Housing

Issue 93

Autumn 2009 Native Title

Issue 92

Winter 2008 Children and Young People
Issue 91 Summer 2007/08


Issue 90 Winter 2007


Issue 89 Summer 2006/07


Issue 88 Winter 2006 Life, Law and Leisure
Issue 87 Summer 2005/06 Corporate Social Responsibility
Issue 86 Winter 2005


Issue 85 Summer 2004/05

Media and the courts

Issue 84 Autumn 2004


Issue 83 Spring 2003 Women in the law
Issue 82 Autumn 2003 National and international security
Issue 81 Spring 2002 Older People and the Law
Issue 80 Autumn 2002 Customary Law
Issue 79 Spring 2001 The Challenge of the new genetics
Issue 78 Autumn 2001 Federalism and Regionalism
Issue 77 Spring 2000 On the Bench: Perspectives on Judging
Issue 76 Autumn 2000 Globalisation and law reform
Issue 75 Spring 1999 Arrivals and departures: issues in immigration law
Issue 74 Autumn 1999 Time for Constitutional Change?
Issue 73 Spring 1998 The Future for Community Justice
Issue 72 Autumn 1998 Value Judgments: the ethics of law
Issue 71 Summer 1997 The IT Age: law and information technology
Issue 70 Autumn 1997 International influences on Australian law
Issue 69 Winter 1996 Science, technology and the law
Issue 68 Summer 1995/96 Building bridges – uniform laws within Australia
Issue 67 Winter 1995 1975-1995 A score and more – reflecting Australia in law