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Defamation – a nationwide conversation on law reform

On Monday 27 July 2020 the Australian Law Reform Commission co-hosted with the University of Sydney a webinar with a panel of experts discussing the potential for a future ALRC inquiry into reform of defamation law.

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Finding a path towards justice

The Government is currently considering justice targets as part of a refresh of closing the gap.
Given the renewed focus on addressing the over-incarceration Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, it is timely to consider the nature of the problems in detail and the solutions the ALRC identified.

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Surveillance Capitalism Interview

In 2014 the ALRC published a report on “Serious Invasions of Privacy”. The report included a recommended legislative design for a new tort (a right to seek orders in court) relating to breaches of privacy. In April 2020, ALRC Principal Legal Officer Micheil Paton spoke with broadcaster Toby Halligan from Triple RRR radio about the

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The Future of Law Reform Webinar Series

What are the most pressing areas for law reform in Australia today? In 2019, the Australian Law Reform Commission undertook research and broad public consultation to address this question. Join expert panels including judges, legal scholars and industry leaders in a series of online conversations to unpack some of the key areas identified by the

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COVID-19: Changes to ALRC operations

From Wednesday 25 March, the Australian Law Reform Commission will action enquiries by email only, due to the current status of COVID-19.

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Corporate Crime Seminar Series Summary

The ALRC welcomed over 290 attendees to the Seminar Series held in February this year.

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Seminar Series – Corporate Criminal Responsibility

Join fellow stakeholders to deep dive into the inquiry of Australia’s corporate criminal responsibility regime prior to the completion of the ALRC’s Final Report.
The ALRC is holding a series of seminars in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to provide an update and to encourage additional feedback into the current inquiry.

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The Banking Executive Accountability Regime: an alternative model of individual liability for corporate fault

On 15 November, the ALRC released a Discussion Paper as part of its Corporate Criminal Responsibility Inquiry. In the Discussion Paper, the ALRC proposed reforms to individual liability for corporate criminal conduct. The proposals are set out in Chapter 7 of the Discussion Paper, and a shorter summary is available here. These proposals respond to

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Strengthening Sentencing Processes and Outcomes for Corporations

When sentencing an offender key objectives include: denouncing the conduct of the offender; ensuring that the offender is punished justly for the offence; deterring the offender and others from committing the same or similar offences; promoting the rehabilitation of the offender; protecting the community by limiting the capacity of the offender to re-offend; and promoting

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Where next for law reform? Report Launch

On Monday 2 December 2019, the ALRC launched the report of the Future of Law Reform project at a well-attended and high-spirited event in the Commonwealth Law Courts building in Brisbane. President of the ALRC, Justice Sarah Derrington, outlined the origins and purposes of the project, reflecting on the ALRC’s longstanding commitment to public involvement

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