It is ALRC policy to publish public submissions on this website. Publication will not be immediate as submissions need to be read and processed prior to publication. This page will be updated in stages.

Submissions to Interim Report (IR 127)

76. G Williams (Word)

77. J Gans (Word)

78. S Newman (Word)

79. G Orr (Word)

80. B Pattenden (Word)

82. South Australian Ornithological Association Inc (PDF)

83. S Pasfield (Word)

84. A Deagon (Word)

85. B Saul (Word)

86. A Orifici, B Gaze, A Chapman (Word)

87. Restore Australia’s Original Constitution Inc Pty (Word)

88. Know Your Rights Group (Word)

89. Jenny (Word)

90. H Turner (Word)

91. Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law (PDF)

92. P Lucas (PDF)

93. Australian Conservation Foundation (PDF)

94. Civil liberties Australia (Word)

95. M Deakin (Word)

96. A Manson (Word)

97. L Finlay (Word)

98. M Nixon (Word)

99. Castan Centre for Human Rights Law (Word)

100. Australia Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) (PDF)

101. Australian Copyright Council (PDF)

102. Refugee Council of Australia (PDF)

103. The way of the Livingness (PDF)

104. Copyright Agency (PDF)

105. Australian Institute of Company Directors (PDF)

106. Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF)

107. ANU Migration law Program (PDF)

108. A Val  (Word)

109. E Moore, M Darwish, A Pert (Word)

110. Kingsford Legal Centre (PDF)

111. G  H  Schorel-Hlavka (PDF)

112. A Lawrie (Word)

113. L Cradduck (Word)

114. Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (PDF)

115. Job Watch Inc (Word)

116. Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF)

117. New South Wales Local Government, Clerical, Administrative, Energy, Airlines & Utilities Union (Word)

118. Wilberforce Foundation (PDF)

119. Refugee Advice & Casework Service (PDF)

120. Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and New South Wales Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (PDF)

121. EDOs of Australia (PDF)

122. FamilyVoice Australia (PDF)

123. K Burton and others (Word)

124. Corporations Committee of the Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia (PDF)

125. ASIC (PDF)

126. D Farrier (Word)

127. National Farmers Federation (PDF)

128. Christian Schools Australia (PDF) 

129. BHP Billiton (PDF)

130. Unions NSW (PDF)

131. Australian Industry Group (PDF)

132. D Woods (Word)

133. Public Interest Advocacy Centre (Word)

134. Legal Aid NSW (PDF)

135. Australian Christian Lobby (Word)

136. Presbyterian Church of Queensland (Word)

137. Australian Taxation Office (PDF)

138. Australian Property Institute (PDF)

139. E Shalders (PDF)

140. Law Council of Australia (PDF)

141. Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF)

142. Council for Civil Liberties (PDF)

143. National Association of Community Legal Centres (Word)

144. Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (PDF)

145. Australian Publishers Association (PDF)

146. Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (PDF)

147. Department of Immigration and Border Protection (PDF)

148. Human Rights Law Centre (PDF)

149. Department of the Environment (PDF)

150. Senate Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Bills (PDF)

151. G Finlayson (Word)

Submissions to Issues Paper (IP 46)

1. P Parkinson and G Krayem (Word)

2. J Gans (Word)

3. A Lawrie (Word)

4. Communist Party of Australia (Word)

5. Women’s Legal Services Australia (WLSA) (PDF)

6. D Black (Word)

7. L Cradduck (Word)

8. EMR Australia (Word)

9. P Parkinson (PDF)

10. J Mulokas (Word)

11. B Kotevski (Word)

12. C Easton (Word)

13. S Weller (Word)

14. E Flinders (PDF)

15. Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) (PDF)

16. C Shah (Word)

17. J Briggs (Word)

18. Monash University Castan Centre for Human Rights Law (PDF)

19. UNSW Law Society (PDF)

20. P Garcia (Word)

21. Kingsford Legal Centre (PDF)

22. Gilbert and Tobin Centre for Public Law (PDF)

23. Freedom 4 Faith (Word)

24. Creighton, Forsyth, McCrystal, Owens, Stewart (Word)

25. Public Law and Policy Research Unit at the University of Adelaide (PDF)

26. Church and Nation Committee, Presbyterian Church of Victoria (Word)

27. P Timmins (Word)

28. G Samuel (Word)

29. Wilberforce Foundation (Word)

30. Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS) (PDF)

31. Stop Smart Meters Australia Inc (Word)

32. L Brosnan (Word)

33. Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) (PDF)

34. J Williams (Word)

35. Consumer Action Law Centre (PDF)

36. B Symons (Word)

37. ADJ Consultancy Services (Word)

38. D Wykanak (Word) 

39. Human Rights Law Centre (PDF)

40. C Symes (Word)

41. Refugee Council of Australia (PDF)

42. Australian Institute of Company Directors (PDF)

43. Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF)

44. Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF)

45. Christian Schools Australia Ltd (PDF)

46. Jobwatch (PDF)

47. NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL) (PDF) 

48. Free TV (PDF)

49. Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) (PDF)

50. Arts Law Centre of Australia (Word)

51. Maronite Catholic Society Youth (Word)

52. P Morgan (Word)

53. Pirate Party Australia (Word)

54. National Farmers Federation (PDF)

55. Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PDF)

56. Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture (PDF)

57. Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) (PDF)

58. Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies (CCCS) (PDF)

59. Migration Law Program, ANU College of Law (PDF)

60. Australian Network of Environmental Defenders Offices (PDF)

61. Australian Digital Alliance (ADA) and the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee (ALCC) (PDF)

62. S Bielefeld (Word)

63. North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA) 

64. S Cace (PDF)

65. Environmental Justice Australia (PDF)

66. National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) (PDF)

67. L Cradduck (Word)

68. The Tax Institute (PDF)

69. Law Society of New South Wales Young Lawyers Human Rights and Environment and Planning Law Committee (PDF)

70. Joint Media Organisations (PDF)

71. Australian Privacy Foundation (APF)

72. C Baillie (PDF)

73. FamilyVoice Australia (PDF)

74. ASIC (PDF)

75. Law Council of Australia (PDF)