Question 4

Should some content only be required to be classified if the content has been the subject of a complaint? 

Responses to this question were quite polarised, as seen in the distance between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers. As refelcted in the pattern of the clusters, two issues stand out here. First, those favouring a complaints-based approach to mandatory classification drew attention to the sheer volume of material available online, and the cost and resources associated with applying classification to online media content. This can be seen in the cluster of words surrounding ‘yes’, ‘material’ and ‘self’. Second, the point was made that classification is not only relevant to potentially restricted content, but is an important source of consumer information about media content generally. The cluster of words around ‘rating’ and ‘content’ draws attention to these responses.

Graphical representation of responses to Question 4 - analysis provided in text above