Question 24

Access to what content, if any, should be entirely prohibited online?

Graphical representation of responses to Question 24 - analysis provided in text below

There were highly polarised responses to this question. On the left, we can see concepts that related to “none” at the bottom left and “no content” at the top left. Concepts that connected to these themes include “free”, “speech”, “online”, “censorship” and “filter”.

On the right hand side of the infographic, a cluster of concepts appear around “pornography”, including “child”, “abuse”, “sexual”, “violence”, “illegal” and “harm”. While the concept of pornography was used across the specturm of responses, it is strongly connected to the cluster of responses on the right, that tended to refer more specifically to “child pornography”.

While these two clusters of responses were polarised, and represented diametricaly opposed positions on this debate, there are nonetheless a significant range of themes between these two poles, with the concepts of “illegal” and “prohibited” providing a significant cluster that was also connected to “police” and “criminal”.