Overview of all submissions

The Leximancer analysis of the data gathered across all submissions responding to all questions takes the following form when using a “concept cloud” analysis:

Concept cloud - analysis is described in the text below

From this image, we can identify three distinctive clusters of themes, alongside the more generic terms such as “content” (orange) and “classification” (light green). The largest (red) cluster is around children, censorship, software, filter, pornography and internet. These relate to the issue of how – or indeed whether – governments have a responsibility to restrict access to certain kinds of material online. The second (dark green) cluster is around games, video, R18 and ratings. This was related to the very large number of submissions received concerning the introduction of an R18+ classification for computer games. The third (pink) cluster related to art, and views as to whether or not there was a role for classification in relation to art works.

A more relational map, showing the interconnections between concepts (smaller dots/text) and themes (large circles) is shown below:

This cluster map, which could be modified to show more concepts, again indicates themes that were central to most of the submissions, including “children”, “adults”, “games” and “classification”. It also reveals “states” to be a relevant theme, as some submissions addressed the effectiveness of the current cooperatvie classifications scheme (NB: others also used the term to refer to “the United States”).