Question 21

Is there a need for new classification categories and, if so, what are they? Should any existing classification categories be removed or merged? 

Some respondents to this question argued that the ‘RC’ category should be eliminated for content that is not illegal, shown at the top right of the infograph. Others saw a need to strenghten guidelines where they concern depictions of women, shown at the top left. Some respondents proposed merging the ‘M’ and ‘MA15+’ categories, seen on the right of the infograph, and a number of respondents felt that more specifically age-based classification categories would be desirable, as seen in the middle. The issue of an R18+ classification category of computer games emerged again in responses to this question, as seen with the cluster of repsonses at the bottom left of the infograph.

Graphical representation of responses to Question 21 - analysis provided in text above