Question 3

Should the technology or platform used to access content affect whether content should be classified, and, if so, why?

In responses to this question, two quite distinct patterns of response can be identified. On the right-hand side of the infographic, those answering “No” to this question used other concepts such as “platform”, “technology”, “affect’, “regardless” and “based”. These responses suggested the need for a more platform-neutral approach to classification, based upon content rather than on delivery platform, and questioned the idea that one medium had more effect on media users than another. The word “no” appeared in the majority of responses.

On the left-hand side, those who said “yes”, who were a smaller group, also used words such as “internet”, “impossible”, “classify” and “online”.  These responses typically focused on the ways in which the internet was different to other media, and on the international context of classification of online content.

Graphical representation of responses to Question 3 - analysis provided in text above