32.1 In this chapter, the ALRC considers whether the model Unified Privacy Principles (UPPs) should cover aspects of privacy that are not currently covered by the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) or National Privacy Principles (NPPs).[1] In particular, the ALRC assesses the potential benefits of:

  • an ‘Accountability’ principle;

  • a ‘Prevention of Harm’ principle; and

  • a ‘No Disadvantage’ principle.

32.2 In other chapters in this Report, the ALRC considers potential new privacy principles dealing with consent[2] and data breach notification.[3]

[1] The ALRC recommends that the IPPs and NPPs should be consolidated into a single set of privacy principles, the UPPs, which would be generally applicable to agencies and organisations: see Rec 18–2.

[2]See Ch 19.

[3] See Ch 28. Data breach notification is discussed in Ch 51.