Summary of ‘Notification’ principle

23.183 The third principle in the model UPPs should be called ‘Notification’. It may be summarised as follows.

UPP 3. Notification

At or before the time (or, if that is not practicable, as soon as practicable after) an agency or organisation collects personal information about an individual from the individual or from someone other than the individual, it must take such steps, if any, as are reasonable in the circumstances to notify the individual, or otherwise ensure that the individual is aware of, the:

(a) fact and circumstances of collection, where the individual may not be aware that his or her personal information has been collected;

(b) identity and contact details of the agency or organisation;

(c) rights of access to, and correction of, personal information provided by these principles;

(d) purposes for which the information is collected;

(e) main consequences of not providing the information;

(f) actual or types of organisations, agencies, entities or other persons to whom the agency or organisation usually discloses personal information of the kind collected;

(g) fact that the avenues of complaint available to the individual if he or she has a complaint about the collection or handling of his or her personal information are set out in the agency’s or organisation’s Privacy Policy; and

(h) fact, where applicable, that the collection is required or authorised by or under law.