Audit Committee

Photo of the Audit Committee - members listed in text, below.

Audit Committee – Executive Director, Sabina Wynn; Finance Manager, Maria Zacharia; President, Professor Rosalind Croucher (by telephone Justice Berna Collier)

In accordance with s 32 of the CAC Act, the ALRC has an Audit Committee to oversee compliance with financial and auditing obligations and to liaise with external auditors.

The role of the Audit Committee is directed towards:

  • enhancing the control framework;
  • improving the objectivity and reliability of externally published financial information; and
  • assisting the Board of Management to comply with legislative and other obligations.

During 2010–11, the members of the Audit Committee were:

  • Commissioner: Professor Rosalind Croucher
  • Commissioner: Justice Berna Collier
  • Executive Director: Sabina Wynn
  • Finance Manager: Maria Zacharia

A representative of the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) is invited to attend meetings of the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee met once in the reporting period, on 31 August 2010. At this meeting the ALRC approved the new Fraud Plan and agreed to review and develop the ALRC’s risk management strategy as part of the development of the updated Fraud Control Plan. The Audit Committee approved the ALRC’s financial statements for 2009–10 and the ALRC’s 2010–11 Budget, taking into account the reduction in the ALRC’s appropriation going forward.