Appendix L: Visitors to the ALRC during 2010–11

Date Visitor
September 2010 Kathleen Kohata and Daniel Suluia from the Solomon Islands came to the ALRC to work for a period of two weeks.
14 September 2010 Commissioner Alexandra Nkonge and Assistant Commissioner Florence Ochago from the Uganda Law Reform Commission spoke with Executive Director, Sabina Wynn regarding ALRC publications and inquiry processes.
24 October 2010 The ALRC hosted a visit by an Indonesian delegation, who met with members of the ALRC and discussed the functions of the ALRC and development of law reform in Australian and Indonesia.
30 November 2010 The President, Professor Rosalind Croucher; Isabella Cosenza, Senior Legal Officer; Bruce Alston, Senior Legal Officer; and Khanh Hoang, Legal Officer, met with eight members of the Vietnam–Australia Human Rights Technical Cooperation (HRTC) program.
14 December 2010 The President, Professor Rosalind Croucher met with a delegation from Papua New Guinea which included the Hon Joe Teine MP, Chairman of the Constitutional Law Reform Commission, in Papua New Guinea.
15 December 2010 Senior Legal Officer, Isabella Cosenza met with Raka Numa Raula of the Papua New Guinea Constitutional and Law Reform Commission. They discussed ALRC processes, policy formulation, and day to day operations—including operational set up for inquiries including intranet, endnote database, import database and online forums.
15 December 2010 Senior Legal Officer, Isabella Cosenza, met with Merinda Dutton, an Indigenous cadet with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.
16 December 2010 The President, Professor Rosalind Croucher hosted a visit from the Hon Justice Grant Hammond, President of the New Zealand Law Reform Commission.
20 December 2010 The ALRC hosted an end of year ‘thank you’ morning tea for stakeholders and staff. This included a briefing by the President regarding the Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Inquiry into the Australian Law Reform Commission.