It is ALRC policy to publish public submissions on this website. Publication will not be immediate as submissions need to be read and processed prior to publication. 

Submissions listed as ‘not published’ have been withheld from publication for privacy or legal concerns. 

1. C Howse (Not published)

2. D Kault (Word)

3. J Baumgartner (Word)

4. R Curtis M Gunawan S Lord & K Taylor (Word)

5. Endeavour Drinks Group (Word)

6. R Casey (Word)

7. C Brown (Word)

8. Public Defenders NSW (PDF)

9. A McRae (Word)

10. Arts Law Centre of Australia (PDF)

11. PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting (PDF)

12. M Boswell (PDF)

13. Austroads (PDF)

14. J Hunt (Word)

15. Australian Red Cross (Word)

16. Commissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia (Word)

17. Legal Services Commission of South Australia (PDF)

18. Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service (PDF)

19. Kingsford Legal Centre (PDF)

20. Mental Health Commission of NSW (PDF)

21. Assoc Prof L Bartels (PDF)

22. Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council (PDF)

23. Prof J Chan, Prof C Cunneen, Tr Hopkins, Dr C Land, Dr V Sentas, Assoc Prof L Weber (PDF)

24. Dr A Hopkins (PDF) 

25. Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PDF)

26. Holistic Justice and Community Services Pty Ltd (Word)

27. Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation (PDF)

28. J Francis (PDF)

29. Z Rosman (Word)

30. L Billington (Word)

31. Public Health Association of Australia (Word)

32. Civil Liberties Australia (PDF)

33. Legal Aid WA Submission (PDF)

34. C Joensson (Word)

35. D Lazarides (Word)

36. A Lee (Word)

37. Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (PDF)

38. NT Community Visitor Program (PDF)

39. Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service VALS (PDF)

40. ACT Law Society Submission (PDF)

41. S Payne (PDF)

42. Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and the Infringements working Group (PDF)

43. Australian Human Rights Commission (PDF)

44. The Light Bulb Exchange (PDF)

45. NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) (PDF)

46. Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission (PDF)

47. Caxton Legal Centre (PDF)

48.PDF icon L S Galovic (PDF)

49. Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation Queensland Inc (PDF)

50. J Guthrie, F Allison, M Schwartz, C Cunneen (PDF)

51. Assoc Prof T Walsh (PDF)

52. Top End Women’s Legal Service Inc (PDF)

53. Mission Australia (PDF)

54. International Commission of Jurists Victoria (PDF)

55. Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR) Queensland Management Committee (Word)

56. Victoria Legal Aid (PDF)

57. Indigenous Allied Health Australia (PDF)

58. Institute of Public Affair (PDF)

59. Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF)

60. Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (PDF)

61. Community Restorative Centre (PDF)

62. M Jackson (PDF)

63. Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW and ACT) Ltd (PDF)

64. Scott Mclean Cullen (Word)

65. Dr K McFarlane (Word)

66. D Thackrah (Word)

67. NT Anti-Discrimination Commission (PDF)

68. Human Rights Law Centre (PDF)

69. Children’s Court of New South Wales (PDF)

70. UNSW Law Society (PDF)

71. Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions NSW (PDF)

72. Northern Territory Office of the Public Guardian (PDF)

73. National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples (PDF)

74. Aboriginal Legal Service of WA Limited (PDF)

75. Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory (CLANT) (PDF)

76. ANTaR (PDF)

77. National Family Violence Prevention & Legal Services Victoria NFVPLS (PDF)

78. Chief Magistrate Graeme Henson Local Court of NSW (PDF)

79. Redfern Legal Centre (PDF)

80. Kimberley Community Legal Services Inc (PDF)

81. Prof M Bagaric (PDF)

82. Just Reinvest NSW (PDF)

83. Womens Legal Service NSW WLS (PDF)

84. Change the Record Coalition (PDF)

85. NSW Government (PDF)

86. Queensland Law Society (PDF)

87. Adjunct Prof R Hogg & J Quilter (Word)

88. NSW Bar Association (PDF)

89. Amnesty International Australia (PDF)

90. Aunts (PDF)

91. Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service Ltd CAALAS (PDF)

92. J Harrison (PDF)

93. YWCA Darwin (PDF)

94. National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) (PDF)

95. Community Legal Centres NSW (CLCNSW) and the CLCNSW Aboriginal Advisory Group (PDF)

96. Judge Stephen Norrish QC (Word)

97. Queensland Youth Justice, Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) (PDF)

98. Law Society of NSW Young Lawyers Criminal Law Committee (PDF)

99. Community Legal Centres Tasmania (PDF)

100. Jesuit Social Services (PDF)

101. Legal Aid NSW (PDF)

102. The Judicial College of Victoria (PDF)

103. National Legal Aid (PDF)

104. UNICEF Australia (PDF)

105. J Cashman (PDF)

106. Victorian Bar (PDF)

107. Legal Aid ACT (PDF)

108. Law Council of Australia (PDF) 


110. ACT Government (PDF)

111.The Law Society of Western Australia (PDF)

112. Aboriginal Legal Service NSW ACT – Supplementary Submission (PDF)

113. North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency NAAJA (PDF)

114. Dr E Methven (Word)

115. Dr T Anthony (PDF)

116. T Kelly (PDF)

117. Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT (PDF)

118. NT Government (PDF)

119. Sisters Inside (PDF)

120. D Cox (Word)

121. Dr H Blagg, Dr V Hovane, D Cox (Word)