It is ALRC policy to publish public submissions on this website. Publication will not be immediate as submissions need to be read and processed prior to publication. 

Submissions listed as ‘not published’ have been withheld from publication for privacy or legal concerns. 

Submissions to Interim Report A (ALRC Report 137)

1. Not published

2. Doug Clark Consulting

3. P Latimer

4. W He and H Liu

5. Certainty Advice Group

6. Australian Financial Markets Association

7. Medical Insurance Group Australia

8. E Bant

9. Australian Retail Credit Association

10. Financial Planning Association of Australia (minor correction supplied 4 May 2022)

11. B Horrigan

12. Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board

13. Actuaries Institute

14. Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association

15. M Nehme

16. Herbert Smith Freehills

17. Not published

18. National Insurance Brokers Association

19. Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association

20. G Elkington

21. ASX

22. King Irving

23. Queensland Consumers Association

24. The Advisers Association

25. New South Wales Bar Association

26. Finance Brokers Association of Australia

27. Maurice Blackburn

28. SMSF Association

29. ANZ Banking Group

30. T Peters

31. Institute of Public Accountants

32. Not published

33. IG Australia

34. Consumer Action Law Centre, CHOICE, Financial Rights Legal Centre and Super Consumers Australia

35. D Booth

36. P Hanrahan

37. B. Ethical Funds Management

38. J Dharmananda

39. Financial Services Council

40. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

41. P Spender and S Bottomley

42. CPA Australia

43. Australian Banking Association

44. Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia

45. Association of Financial Advisers

46. Avant Mutual

47. N Howell and C Brown

48. OpenInvest

49. Law Council of Australia

50. Kit Legal

51. Australasian Society for Computers and Law

52. Insurance Council of Australia

53. Financial Services Institute of Australasia

54. Allens

55. MinterEllison

56. A Schmulow and S Dreyfus

Additional Stakeholder Feedback

FPA submission to ALRC (received 30/06/2022)

Submissions to Interim Report B (ALRC Report 139)

57. Customer Owned Banking Association

58. Dr Zofia Bednarz and Prof Kimberlee Weatherall

59. Financial Planning Association of Australia

60. King Irving

61. Australian Banking Association

62. Consumer Action Law Centre, Redfern Legal Centre, and Financial Rights Legal Centre

63. Stockbrokers and Investment Advisers Association

64. Associate Professor Marina Nehme

65. ASX

66. Financial Services Council

67. ANZ

68. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia, Financial Planning Australia, Institute of Public Accountants, and SMSF Association

69. Institute of Financial Professionals Australia

70. Centre for Women’s Economic Safety, Flequity, and Southeast Community Links

71. Australian Retail Credit Association

72. Prof Pamela Hanrahan

73. Insurance Australia Group Limited

74. MinterEllison

75. Law Council of Australia

76. Property Council of Australia

Additional Stakeholder Feedback

Prof Brian Horrigan submission to Background Paper FSL9 (received 3/4/2023)

Law Council of Australia submission to Background Paper FSL9 (received 5/4/2023)

Nicola Howell submission to Background Paper FSL9 (received 14/4/2023)