Legislative data

The ALRC has undertaken qualitative and quantitative analysis of a range of legislative sources, including Commonwealth statutes, and legislative and administrative instruments, and equivalent sources in other jurisdictions.

Interim Report B Data

Commonwealth Legislation

The Commonwealth Statute book and Inquiry Legislation

Download Commonwealth Acts – Principal in force (30 June 2021).xlsx
Download Commonwealth Acts – as-made (30 June 2021).xlsx
Download Historical Legislative Data – Important Inquiry Legislation (30 June 2021).xlsx
Download Commonwealth Legislative data (Historical and Commonwealth Acts) – Data Dictionary.pdf

Corporations Act and Regulations — provision-level analysis

Download Corporations Act 2001 – 05 Apr 2021 – C2021C00214.xlsx
Download Corporations Act 2001 – 5 March 2017 – C2017C00129.xlsx
Download Corporations Act 2001 – 20 March 2012 – C2012C00447.xlsx
Download Corporations Act 2001 – 1 March 2007 – C2007C00201.xlsx
Download Corporations Act 2001 – 11 Mar 2002 – C2004C03060.xlsx
Download Corporations Act 2001 –  28 Jun 2001 – C2004A00818.xlsx
Download Corporations Regulations 2001 – 01 May 2021 – F2021C00451.xlsx
Download Commonwealth provision-level data – Data Dictionary.pdf

Amendments to the Corporations Act

Download Amendments to the Corporations Act 2001 (30 November 2021).xlsx

Definitions in the Corporations Act

Download Corporations Act Definitions Analysis (30 June 2021).xlsx 

Commonwealth legislative and administrative instruments

Qualitative analysis of ASIC-made legislative instruments

Download ASIC-made legislative instruments (Qualitative) – 30 June 2021

The ALRC undertook qualitative analysis to capture data in relation to the volume, purpose and effect of ASIC Legislative Instruments and Class Orders, including:

  • the number of in-force ASIC Legislative Instruments and Class Orders (at a point in time);
  • the primary purpose of each instrument;
  • who is affected by each instrument; and
  • the mechanical effect of each instrument on primary and delegated legislation, including the nature and application of any notional amendments.

This work builds on previous analysis undertaken by the ALRC to identify the cited sources of legislative authority for all ASIC legislative instruments that were listed as ‘currently in operation’ on the ASIC website as at 10 July 2020.

The spreadsheet produced by the ALRC provides summary information in relation to ASIC legislative instruments (or class orders) listed as ‘in force’ on the Federal Register of Legislation (‘FRL’) as at 30 June 2021.

The information in the spreadsheet can be filtered to facilitate analysis of legislative instruments authorised by particular statutory provisions, or to sort instruments on the basis of their purpose or effect.

For further information in relation to the nature and scope of the analysis undertaken, refer to the ‘Explanatory Notes’ tab in the spreadsheet.

Quantitative analysis of legislative instruments

Download ASIC-made legislative instruments (Quantitative).xlsx
Download Non-ASIC Corporations Act legislative instruments (Quantitative).xlsx
Download Legislative Instruments (Quantitative) – Data Dictionary.pdf

Foreign legislation and instruments

Selected United Kingdom legislation

Download Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (United Kingdom) (30 June 2021).xlsx

Selected New Zealand legislation

Download New Zealand Corporations and Financial Services Legislation.xlsx