Public Engagement

Public engagement with the ALRC Financial Services Legislation Inquiry.

Type Title Date Organisation
Media Albanese defying laws of economics at nation’s peril 27/12/2022 The Australian
Media Former advisers present ‘hybrid advice future’ based on Tinbergen Principle 21/12/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Govt seeks to implement two ALRC recommendations 14/12/2022 Money Management
Article Wealth management reimagined 14/12/2022 Firstlinks
Media FPA, AFA merger talks continue 14/12/2022 Financial Standard
Article Law Reform Commission Should Prioritise Advice Regulations –  FPA 12/12/2022 Risk Info
Media Financial planners back ALRC proposals on ‘regulatory duplication’ 12/12/2022 Insurance News
Media Latest adviser exams see 57% pass rate 9/12/2022 Financial Standard
Media ALRC should prioritise advice regulations: FPA 8/12/2022 Financial Standard
Media ALRC should prioritise advice regulations: FPA 8/12/2022 Adviser Voice
Article Call to end legislation duplication 7/12/2022 SelfManagedSuper
Media ALRC should prioritise advice regulations: FPA 7/12/2022 Professional Planner
Media ‘Do not delegate more lawmaking power to ASIC’, says FSC 6/12/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Industry divided over ALRC’s rules advisory committee plan 6/12/2022 Money Management
Media FSC strongly opposes greater powers for ASIC 5/12/2022 Money Management
Media ALRC should prioritise advice regulations: FPA 8/12/2022 Financial Standard
Media ALRC should prioritise advice regulations: FPA 08/12/2022 Adviser Voice
Media Call to end legislation duplication 7/12/2022 SelfManagedSuper
Media ALRC should prioritise advice regulations: FPA 7/12/2022 Professional Planner
Media ‘Do not delegate more lawmaking power to ASIC’, says FSC 6/12/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media SIAA argues consumer groups’ involvement in regulation has harmed advisers 6/12/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Industry divided over ALRC’s rules advisory committee plan 6/12/2022 Money Management
Media FSC strongly opposes greater powers for ASIC 5/12/2022 Money Management
Media The ‘disordered share house’ of the Corps Act: ALRC 28/11/2022 Money Management
Media Government flags reforms to copyright laws 24/11/2022 Lawyerly
Media Chuck out Chapter 7: Broome 24/11/2022 Financial Standard
Article Legislative complexity: what is it, how do we measure it, and why does it matter? 23/11/2022 Australian Public Law
Media Never been more optimistic: Abood 23/11/2022 Financial Standard
Media Corporations Act in ‘class of its own’ for complexity 13/11/2022 Australian Financial Review
Media Corps Act should be slashed by 66%, says ALRC 9/11/2022 Lawyers Weekly
Media Lawmakers don’t have a guide to the universe but the ALRC is here to help 1/11/2022 The Mandarin
Media ‘Sophisticated investor’ criteria under scrutiny due to financial pitfalls 1/11/2022 The Australian
Article Australian Law Reform Commission comments on regulation of crypto assets and decentralised autonomous organisations 24/10/2022 Hall & Wilcox
Media Aggregators key to reference-check protocol: MFAA 18/10/2022 The Advisor
Media The problematic matter of regulating crypto 17/10/2022 Money Management
Media Throw out financial services law clutter: ALRC 5/10/2022 Financial Standard
Media Responses sought to latest ALRC report 4/10/2022 Money Management
Media ALRC outlines plans for proposed financial laws overhaul 3/10/2022 Insurance News
Media Substantial’ changes tackle personal, general advice confusion 5/09/2022 Insurance News
Media ‘Dizzying number of definitions’ forced ALRC to act on financial services law 31/08/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Article Global Legal Insights: Fintech in Australia 2022 30/08/2022 Gilbert + Tobin
Media Treasury releases first tranche of draft laws cutting complexity 29/08/2022 Insurance News
Media Government looks to reduce ‘complexity’ of financial services law 24/08/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Govt to consult on corporations and financial services laws 24/08/2022 Investor Daily
Media Queensland farmer battling Suncorp Bank vows to keep pushing to fix financial services 10/08/2022 ABC News
Media IPA calls for ASIC’s powers to be stripped 5/08/2022 Accountants Daily
Media Focus on principles key in financial services reform 2/08/2022 The Mandarin
Media What can Australia learn from UK’s financial services legislation? 2/08/2022 Money Management
Media Industry group calls for level playing field for crypto-assets 15/07/2022 Investor Daily
Media Regulate crypto like other products: FPA 14/07/2022 Professional Planner
Media Making their voices heard 11/07/2022 Money Management
Media Bring back CAMAC for independent advice on company law 27/06/2022 Australian Financial Review
Media Moving to a new era 27/06/2022 Money Management
Media Insignia proposes centralised certification for advisers 24/06/2022 Professional Planner
Media FBAA warns against merging credit licences with AFSLs 22/06/2022 The Adviser
Media Industry defies ALRC’s retail client definition proposals 21/06/2022 Money Management
Media Plug gaps in broker regulations, says MFAA 21/06/2022 The Adviser
Media Experts provide input on financial services rules 20/06/2022 Insurance News
Media Web of definitions weighing down financial services law: ALRC 20/06/2022 The Adviser
Media ALRC reveals feedback from advice legislation inquiry 17/06/2022 Money Management
Media No simple metric to measure quality advice: FPA 17/06/2022 Professional Planner
Media Ditch one-size-fits-all regulatory approach: SIAA 17/06/2022 Professional Planner
Media CPD: Bigger than Hayne? The ALRC Review and what it means for financial advisers 15/06/2022 Adviser Voice
Media Longo challenges lawyers to go beyond ‘checklist’ 9/06/2022 Australian Financial Review
Media Exclusive: ALRC mulls separate adviser, stockbroker rules 8/06/2022 Professional Planner
Media ‘Sophisticated’ investors struggle with financial knowledge 30/05/2022 Money Management
Media ALRC says changes to current legislation will result in ‘better compliance’ 27/05/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media The long-term gains of simplifying financial services legislation 27/05/2022 Money Management
Media No pain, no gain: ALRC ponders Govt tolerance of Corps Act overhaul 26/05/2022 Professional Planner
Media Reducing compliance ‘opacity’ key to reform: CoreData 26/05/2022 Professional Planner
Media ASIC wants brokers to avoid pitfalls of overly complex advice laws 24/05/2022 Australian Financial Review
Media Mixed views on decoupling ‘personal advice’ from ‘financial service’ 17/05/2022 Money Management
Media SIAA challenges individual adviser registration move despite industry support 16/05/2022 Professional Planner
Media Breaking down the ALRC’s legislation review 16/05/2022 Money Management
Media Calls for safe harbour provisions to be recasted as ‘indicative behaviours of compliance’ 13/05/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Commission sparks design 101 conversation for legislative drafting 12/05/2022 The Mandarin
Media Pensions being lost in advice regulation discussion 09/05/2022 SMSF Adviser
Media Removing the financial threshold test 06/05/2022 Money Management
Media There are other ways to simplify best interest duty: AFA 05/05/2022 Professional Planners
Media Sophisticated investor? Financial planners want new rules on who qualifies 04/05/2022 The Australian
Media ‘Regulating the crap out of it’: More to advice than consumer protection 22/04/2022 Professional Planner
Podcast The Corporate Counsel Show: Risk, reform and financial services 12/04/2022 Lawyers Weekly
Article No pain, no gain 06/04/2022 NMP Education
Media Safe bet on no rate hike in election campaign as RBA keeps powder dry 05/04/2022 The Australian
Media Industry backs federal budget spending on mental health support 04/04/2022 Insurance News
Podcast Episode Nine: Corporations and Financial Services Law and the ALRC  02/04/2022 Law Council of Australia
Media Product and advice must be separated to make industry a ‘genuine profession’ 01/04/2022 SMSFAdviser
Media Budget 2022: Could more changes be announced by the election? 31/03/2022 Money Management
Media Product and advice must be separated to make industry a ‘genuine profession’ 30/03/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Regulatory architecture can’t cope with evolving consumer risks: ALRC 29/03/2022 Professional Planner
Media Increasing access won’t dilute advice quality: Levy 28/03/2022 Professional Planner
Media Plan to simplify retail client definition sparks concern 28/03/2022 Insurance News
Media Financial services rules ‘too complex, incoherent and inaccessible’ 27/03/2022 Australian Financial Review
Article The Legacy of the Storm Collapse 24/03/2022 NMP Education
Media Financial services legislation has become extraordinarily complex: ALRC 24/03/2022 Money Management
Media ICA warns against retail definition change 22/03/2022 Insurance News
Media TAA suggests careful approach on financial law reforms 14/03/2022 Insurance News
Media Quality of Advice Review terms of reference finalised 11/03/2022 Professional Planner
Media Banks lobby for changes to rules on products 10/03/2022 Australian Financial Review
Article Are AFSLS on the chopping block? 10/03/2022 NMP Education
Media ALRC needs to ‘tread carefully’ with simplifying Corporations Act: TAA 09/03/2022 Money Management
Media More scrutiny of class actions needed at commencement point 09/03/2022 Lawyerly
Media Calls to separate financial advice from product ‘long overdue’ 08/03/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media TAA calls for prudent pace for reforms 08/03/2022 Financial Standard
Media NIBA rejects renaming personal advice 07/03/2022 Insurance News
Media Unfinished business: Hayne’s call for simpler corporate laws 07/03/2022 Australian Financial Review
Media ASIC chair outlines 2022 priorities 04/03/2022 Mortgage Business
Media FSC calls on Govt to provide clear and interactive Corporations Act 04/03/2022 Money Management
Media Corporations Act ‘broken and needs reform’, says ASIC chief Joe Longo 03/03/2022 The Australian
Media Advisers cautious of election promises 03/03/2022 Financial Standard
Media The AFSL regime should not be ‘one size fits all’ 03/03/2022 Money Management 
Media InFocus: Moving to principle-based legislation 03/03/2022 Money Management 
Media Ditch AFSLs for advisers: FPA 02/03/2022 Professional Planner
Media FPA pushes for advice law simplification 02/03/2022 Financial Standard
Media FPA proposes changes to financial advice law 02/03/2022 Money Management
Media Advisers being hit with ‘never-ending list of contradictory requirements’: FPA 02/03/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Article FPA makes submission to ALRC review: calls for reduced complexity in legislation 02/03/2022 Financial Planning Association of Australia
Article Fixing the biggest problem with advice policy 16/02/2022 NMP Education
Article The great reckoning for life insurance commissions 09/02/2022 NMP Education
Media Lack of clarity clouds the nation’s rule of law 03/02/2022 The Australian
Media FSC announces new executive director for advocacy 24/01/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media New call for ASIC’s ‘flawed’ regulatory model to be overhauled 21/01/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Broker feedback wanted on ‘complex’ financial services legislation 17/01/2022 The Adviser
Media Industry called on to help address ‘complex’ financial services laws 13/01/2022 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Industry collaboration will be key in 2022 07/12/2021 Money Management
Media ALRC proposes key financial law changes 06/12/2021 Insurance News
Media ALRC tears up the advice regulation playbook 06/12/2021 Professional Planner
Media Proposed reforms could simplify advice 03/12/2021 Financial Standard
Article ALRC calls for untangling advice laws 03/12/2021 NMP Education
Media Complexity questioned: laws regulating corporations and financial services under review 02/12/2021 The Mandarin
Media ‘Laws regulating financial services are unnecessarily complex’, review finds 01/12/2021 Independent Financial Adviser
Article Smoothing out the Regulatory Rinkles: ALRC calls for reform on “efficiently, honestly and fairly” 01/12/2021 Herbert Smith Freehills
Media Understanding the new horizons in regulatory policymaking 01/12/2021 In the Black
Media ALRC proposes to rename ‘general’ and ‘personal’ advice 01/12/2021 Money Management
Media Laws governing corporates are ‘are uniquely and unnecessarily complex’: ALRC 30/11/2021 Lawyers Weekly
Media Corporate law ‘like a Russian doll’ 25/11/2021 Australian Financial Review
Media Wealth advice model is ‘broken’ 22/11/2021 Australian Financial Review
Media Australia’s insider trading laws might not apply to super – here’s why they should 20/11/2021 Micky
Media ‘Secret’ laws confuse business: Law Reform Commission chief 18/11/2021 Australian Financial Review
Media ALRC warms to a more principles-based Corps Act 19/10/2021 Professional Planner
Media ASIC enforcers dish out warning to banks 03/09/2021 Australian Financial Review
Media Errant Act needs reform 30/08/2021 The Australian
Media New ASIC unit to focus on reducing regulatory costs for businesses 27/08/2021 Professional Planner
Media ASIC leads deregulation push to help recovery 26/08/2021 The Australian
Media Reacting to scandals a poor platform for financial services reform: ALRC panel 18/08/2021 Professional Planner
Media Collaboration needed for future financial advice 23/07/2021 Money Management
Media Call to give fund members product advice support outside of Chapter 7 15/07/2021 Professional Planner
Media Professionalising advice occupation hampered by licencing regime 13/07/2021 Money Management
Media Complexity, advice issues targeted in law reform feedback 12/07/2021 Insurance News
Media Principles-based regulation won’t work: industry 01/07/2021 Independent Financial Planner
Media Hayne’s ‘norms of conduct’ could fall short 30/06/2021 Investor Daily
Media ALRC push to consolidate financial products and services definitions 28/06/2021 Professional Planner
Media Advice Bill introduces individual registration for advisers 25/06/2021 Professional Planner
Media Movers & shakers 25/06/2021 The Mandarin
Media Time to take individual adviser registration seriously: FPA 16/06/2021 Professional Planner
Media Corps Act split would separate companies from consumers: ALRC President 16/06/2021 Professional Planner
Media Hanrahan: Updating retail/wholesale client definitions ‘urgent’ 08/06/2021 Professional Planner
Media Professionalism: Be careful what you wish for 07/06/2021 Professional Planner
Article Australian Regulators Weekly Wrap — Monday, 7 June 2021 07/06/2021 Lexology
Media ALRC to balance prescription and principles in regulation review 25/05/2021 Professional Planner
Media Chapter 7 repeal could pave the way for individual adviser registration 19/05/2021 Professional Planner
Media Law review aims to wind back complexity 19/05/2021 Insurance News
Media ALRC bombshell: Chapter 7 removal from Corps Act ‘on the table’ 17/05/2021 Professional Planner
Media Big budget spend omits ASIC amid role shift 12/05/2021 Professional Planner
Media What’s on the agenda for the industry’s legal overhaul 05/05/2021 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Government urged to address ‘legislative morass’ choking industry 03/05/2021 Independent Financial Adviser
Media ALRC webinars focus on simpler regulation 19/04/2021 Insurance News
Media NIBA CEO set to retire this year 01/04/2021 Insurance News
Media More Besser block than brick’: the push to fix Australia’s nightmarish business laws 7/03/2021 The Guardian
Media Law Reform Commission plays down financial services review outcomes 23/02/2021 Money Management
Media Federal court judge to head corps act inquiry 23/02/2021 Independent Financial Adviser
Media Law reform commission skewers Corps Act with comedy skit 19/02/2021 Professional Planner
Media ‘Corporations Act, it’s time to grow up!’ 14/02/2021 Lawyers Weekly
Media Advice sector forefront of red tape issues: Law Reform Commission 1/02/2021 Professional Planner
Media ‘Once in a generation opportunity’: ALRC to review financial services laws 1/02/2021 Lawyer Weekly
Media It’s time to simplify and clarify our corporate law 28/01/2021 The Australian
Media Banking royal commission: most recommendations have been abandoned or delayed 19/01/2021 The Guardian
Article Review to simplify Australia’s corporations and financial services legislation announced 15/12/2020 Holding Redlich
Media Movers & shakers: ministry and cabinet shuffle 30/10/2020 The Mandarin
Media Financial advisers ‘like politicians’: Hume 13/10/2020 Professional Planner
Media $3,558 per client, per year; the new normal 12/10/2020 Professional Planner
Article It’s about to become easier to lend irresponsibly, to help the recovery 29/09/2020 The Conversation
Media Financial services laws up for review/rewrite 23/09/2020 Money Management
Media Regulatory reform, but not as you know it 22/09/2020 Professional Planner
Article Reframing chapter 7 of the Corporations Act? ALRC corporations and financial services regulation review announced 16/09/2020 Lexology
Media Industry welcomes legislative framework review 14/09/2020 Insurance News
Media Extensive review will tackle ‘complexity’ of financial services laws 11/09/2020 Insurance News
Media Probes to review judicial bias and financial probity 11/09/2020 The Australian
Media Attorney-General wants to simplify corporations, finance regulation 11/09/2020 Australian Financial Review