Industry bodies and their relationship with the Regulator

7.105 Links between industry peak bodies and government regulatory bodies regarding classification and content regulation would continue to be important as industry takes responsibility for more classification under the ALRC’s proposed model.

7.106 Industry bodies would be central to rolling out the new industry classification system, including liaising with the Regulator on the development of practical and robust codes of practice, which are discussed in more detail in Chapter 11. The Regulator would expect peak bodies’ support in promoting the new classification system and encouraging industry ‘buy-in’.

7.107 In an ongoing capacity, industry bodies should assist the Regulator to reinforce industry classification requirements, by informing members about classification training options, disseminating information about authorised industry classifiers and collating industry classification reports that include decisions data and complaint statistics.

7.108 The proposed new classification system also opens up opportunities for government and industry to work together to improve classification processes and information provided to the public. This might involve collaborating on the development of classification instruments, increasing compliance, encouraging industry to classify content even if it is not required to be classified and potentially administering industry classification schemes in future.