How to make a submission

1.51 With the release of this Discussion Paper, the ALRC invites individuals and organisations to make submissions in response to the specific proposals and questions, or to any of the background material and analysis provided, to help advance the reform process in this Inquiry.

1.52 There is no specified format for submissions and they may be marked ‘confidential’ if preferred. The ALRC prefers electronic communications and submissions, and strongly encourages stakeholders to make use of the online submission form available on the ALRC website. However, the ALRC will gratefully accept anything from handwritten notes to detailed commentary and scholarly analyses on relevant laws and practices. Even simple dot-points are welcome. Submissions will be published on the ALRC website, unless they are marked confidential.[20]

1.53 The ALRC appreciates that tight deadlines for making submissions place considerable pressure upon those who wish to participate in ALRC inquiries. Given the deadline for delivering the final report to the Attorney-General at the end of January 2012, and the need to consider fully the submissions received in response to this Discussion Paper, all submissions must be submitted on time—by Friday 18 November 2011.

1.54 It is the invaluable work of participants that enriches the whole consultative process of ALRC inquiries. The quality of the outcomes is assisted greatly by the understanding of contributors in needing to meet the deadline imposed by the reporting process itself. This Inquiry is no exception.

In order to ensure consideration for use in the final report, submissions addressing the questions and proposals in this Discussion Paper must reach the ALRC by Friday 18 November 2011.

The ALRC encourages stakeholders to use the online submission form available at

Submissions not marked confidential will be published on the ALRC website.

[20] Submissions provided only in hard copy may not be published on the website.