Last updated 2 August 2022

ALRC Survey of Lawyers

During a three week period in July/August 2021, the ALRC conducted a survey of lawyers who have been admitted into practice in an Australian state or territory and who have practised in Australia in the past five years.

The anonymous survey link was distributed by email to lawyers through the Law Council of Australia and its constituent bodies, sections, and committees, as well as to the four member-organisations of the Australian Legal Assistance Forum. A self-selected sample of 211 lawyers participated in the survey. All survey questions were voluntary and not all lawyers responded to all questions.

For description and analysis of responses and a summary of methodology see Chapter 5 and Appendix F of the Final Report.

Documentation and Data

To protect participant confidentiality, the data published excludes open text responses and most demographic data. Researchers interested in accessing further raw data are invited to contact the ALRC directly.

During the course of the Inquiry the ALRC also published a preliminary analysis of responses to the ALRC Survey of Lawyers. This provided stakeholders with an initial snapshot of some of the key data from the survey as the research and analysis progressed.  However, for final figures and analysis please refer to the Final Report.