Public Engagement

Public engagement with the ALRC Judicial Impartiality Inquiry.

Type Headline Date Organisation
Media ‘Australians should be able to see themselves reflected in the judiciary’, says A-G 17/10/2022 Lawyers Weekly
Article Gender order judged wise: Women fill the High Court bench 16/10/2022 Independent Australia
Media Ads for new judges could be in store as AG vows transparent system for appointments 12/10/2022 Lawyerly
Media High Court judge backs Labor move on appointments 9/10/2022 Australian Financial Review
Media The High Court’s newest justice, Jayne Jagot 8/10/2022 The Saturday Paper
Media Dreyfus to consult courts on complaints body 6/10/2022 Australian Financial Review
Article The High Court of Australia has a majority of women justices for the first time. Here’s why that matters 4/10/2022 The Conversation
Media Federal government to establish judicial commission and improve appointment transparency 2/10/2022 Lawyers Weekly
Media New judicial commission among reforms to boost public confidence in Australia’s legal system 29/09/2022 The Mandarin
Media Judicial misconduct reforms win government support as court again overturns Judge Street 29/09/2022 Lawyerly
Media Release Integrity of the judiciary essential 29/09/2022 Law Council of Australia
Media The case for judging bias through track records 23/09/2022 The Australian
Article Boardroom Brief: Week commencing 22 August 2022 23/08/2022 Gilbert + Tobin
Media Forum Finance judge recuses himself after questioning director’s credibility 19/08/2022 Lawyerly
Article Data and Judicial Impartiality 19/08/2022 Australian Public Law Blog
Article Nothing to fear and much to be gained from a federal judicial commission 19/08/2022 Australian Public Law Blog
Article Bias and judicial education 19/08/2022 Australian Public Law Blog
Article Worth Waiting For: The ALRCs Without Fear or Favour Report 19/08/2022 Australian Public Law Blog
Article The ALRC on judicial impartiality – and the momentum towards judicial appointments reform 12/08/2022 Australian Public Law Blog
Article Without Fear or Favour: The ALRC’s Report on Judicial Impartiality 12/08/2022 Australian Public Law Blog
Media Life, death and the law 09/08/2022 The Law Report
Media New data reveals decisions about an asylum seeker’s visa can vary depending on which judge they get 04/08/2022 ABC News
Media Need for certainty, visibility underscored in judicial bias report 03/08/2022 The Mandarin
Article Judges need better education and structures to improve impartiality: report 02/08/2022 The Conversation
Article Judicial impartiality in a changing world 02/08/2022 Proctor
Media Federal judicial commission needed, says report 02/08/2022 Lawyers Weekly
Media ALRC judicial impartiality report released 02/08/2022 Proctor
Media Judges are mostly Anglo-Celtic, married and only speak English 02/08/2022 Australian Financial Review
Media ALRC calls for federal judicial commission to deal with complaints against judges 02/08/2022 Lawyerly
Media Transparency calls for judge appointments 02/08/2022 Perth Now
Media Release of Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into judicial impartiality and law on bias 02/08/2022 The National Tribune
Webinar Fiat Justitia Lecture 2022 – Without Fear or Favour 07/06/2022 Monash University
Media Judicial impartiality final report to be handed down soon 09/12/2021 Lawyers Weekly
Media Judicial impartiality, and court disclosure obligations for electronic evidence 12/10/2021 The Law Report
Media High Court ruling on relationship between judge and barrister may have major repercussions on judicial wellbeing 14/10/2021 Lawyers Weekly
Media Who do you trust? Uni researchers beat judges 16/09/2021 Australian Financial Review
Media Legal practitioners report experiences with judicial biases 13/09/2021 Lawyers Weekly
Media Australian judges should not be able to rule on self-recusal, review told 18/08/2021 The Guardian
Media Addressing the current (and flawed) tests for biases in courtrooms 16/08/2021 Lawyers Weekly
Media Reform call after judge’s ‘inexcusable’ conduct 08/07/2021 The Australian
Media Judge’s secret romance triggers courtroom conflict of interest 30/05/2021 The Mandarin
Media Calls for independent review into Australian judge and barrister’s undeclared relationship 24/05/2021 The Guardian
Webinar Balancing the Scales: the Importance of Judicial Diversity 18/05/2021 The Progressive Law Network
Media Woke insurgency and its weapons of mass destruction 06/05/2021 Spectator Australia
Media Review considers shake-up of federal judicial appointments 03/05/2021 The Sydney Morning Herald
Media Review considers shake-up of federal judicial appointments 03/05/2021 The Age
Media Review considers shake-up of federal judicial appointments 03/05/2021 Brisbane Times
Media Review considers shake-up of federal judicial appointments 03/05/2021 WA Today
Media Review considers shake-up of federal judicial appointments 03/05/2021 Daily Legal Press
Media Self-disqualified judges, overhauled federal appointment process front of mind for judicial impartiality inquiry 02/05/2021 Lawyers Weekly
Media Should judges decide if they are biased? 30/04/2021 Australian Financial Review
Media Clarity sought on judicial bias 30/04/2021 The Australian
Media Validation Act must go to repair ICAC damage 30/04/2021 The Australian
Media High Court reviews ‘inexcusable’ relationship between judge and barrister 25/04/2021 Lawyers Weekly
Media Australian judge and barrister involved in same case fail to declare relationship 23/04/2021 The Guardian
Media Judicial commission needed to help judges’ welfare 11/03/2021 The Australian
Media Is it OK for judges, barristers to meet? High Court to rule 12/02/2021 The Australian
Article ALRC launches probe into judicial bias 19/01/2021 LSJ Online
Radio Claremont murder trial, judges and apprehended bias and Victorian children on remand who never receive a custodial sentence 29/09/2020 Law Report with Damien Carrick
Media Probes to review judicial bias and financial probity 11/09/2020 The Australian
Media Attorney-General wants to simplify corporations, finance regulation 11/09/2020 Australian Financial Review