5.1 This chapter presents the ALRC’s central recommendations to establish a new National Classification Scheme regulating the classification of media content, through the enactment of the Classification of Media Content Act. Under the new Act, a single agency (the Regulator) would be responsible for regulating the classification of media content. The provisions of the new Act, and the functions and responsibilities of the Regulator, are discussed in more detail throughout this Report.

5.2 The Classification of Media Content Act will impose obligations to classify and restrict access to some content. The persons and organisations who would be subject to these obligations are referred to in this Report as ‘content providers’. This chapter explains the obligations of content providers under the new Act, including online content providers. It makes related recommendations, including that the Act should apply to any online content with an appropriate Australian link.

5.3 Finally, the chapter notes questions about the application of the Act to content provided by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). The special position of the ABC and SBS as national public broadcasters is not under review in the context of this Inquiry, and the ALRC does not make specific recommendations in this regard.