13.1 In this chapter, the ALRC recommends that the Classification of Media Content Act provide for the development and operation of industry classification codes, consistent with statutory obligations to classify and restrict access to media content and with statutory classification categories and criteria.

13.2 The intention is that industry codes may deal with a range of classification-related matters that are too detailed or media-specific to be included in legislation, introducing additional flexibility to the regulatory scheme while meeting underlying policy goals.

13.3 Industry codes might include provisions relating to, for example, methods of restricting access to certain content, the use of classification markings, methods of classifying media content, including through the engagement of authorised industry classifiers, and guidance on the application of statutory classification obligations and criteria to media content covered by the code.

13.4 The chapter examines the possible processes for the development of industry classification codes, and recommends mechanisms for the approval and enforcement of codes by the new Regulator. The ALRC also recommends that the Act should enable the Regulator to enforce compliance with an industry classification code, where the provisions relate to media content that must be classified or to which access must be restricted.