Summary of financial performance

Financial outcomes

Operating outcome

The 2013–14 financial statements show an operating surplus of $0.004m.

Operating revenue

The ALRC’s operating revenue of $2.877m comprised revenue from government of $2.837m, revenue from sale of goods (publications) of $0.003m, and other revenue of $0.037m.

Operating expenses

Total operating expenses of $2.873m were $0.022m more than in 2012–13.

The ALRC’s depreciation and amortisation expense decreased by $0.008m.


The ALRC’s total equity increased by $0.061m. This includes contributed equity of $0.057m.

Total assets

The ALRC’s total assets increased by $0.450m.

Total liabilities

The ALRC’s total liabilities increased by $0.389m.