Report on Outcome and Performance

Outcome and Program Structure


Informed Government decisions about the development, reform and harmonisation of Australian laws and related processes through research, analysis, reports and community consultation

Program 1.1

Conducting inquiries into aspects of Australian
law and related processes for the purpose of
law reform

Program 1.2

Community education about law reform


  • Inquiries
  • Final Reports
  • Consultation Papers
  • Advisory Committees
  • Consultation Meetings


  • Reform journals
  • Internships offered
  • Kirby Cup Competition
  • Online discussion forums
  • Presentation and information sessions

Key Performance Indicators

  • Implementation of reports
  • Citations and mentions
  • Media reportage
  • Final reports distributed in hard copy
  • Final reports accessed online
  • Consultation papers distributed in hard copy
  • Consultation papers accessed online

Key Performance Indicators

  • Reform journals distributed in hard copy
  • Applications received for internships
  • Articles written for external publications
  • Presentations and speaking engagements
  • Media interviews
  • Website visits—distinct hosts served


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