Appendix D: Advisory Committee Members and Consultants

Secrecy Inquiry Advisory Committee Members

  • Ms Lynelle Briggs, Australian Public Service Commissioner
  • Mr Ian Carnell, Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security
  • Mr Chris Craigie SC, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Professor Robin Creyke, College of Law, Australian National University
  • Mr Simon Daley, Australian Government Solicitor
  • Mr Chris Erskine SC, Blackburn Chambers
  • Justice Paul Finn, Federal Court of Australia
  • Mr Kevin Fitzpatrick, Chief Tax Counsel, Australian Taxation Office
  • Mr Stephen Gageler SC, Solicitor-General of Australia
  • Mr John McGinness, Director, National Judicial College of Australia
  • Professor John McMillan, Commonwealth Ombudsman
  • Mr Andrew Metcalfe, Secretary, Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • Associate Professor Moira Patterson, Law Faculty, Monash University
  • Mr Peter Timmins, Timmins Consulting
  • Ms Annette Willing, Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department

Royal Commissions Inquiry Advisory Committee Members

  • Ms Sheila Butler, former Secretary to several recent Commonwealth public inquiries
  • Emeritus Professor Enid Campbell AC OBE, former Dean, Faculty of Law and Sir Isaac Isaacs Professor of Law, Monash University|
  • The Hon Stephen Charles QC, former judge of the Victorian Court of Appeal
  • The Hon Terence Cole AO RFD QC, former judge of the New South Wales Court of Appeal
  • Mr Simon Daley, Australian Government Solicitor
  • Ms Megan Davis, Director, Indigenous Law Centre, University of New South WalesThe Hon Tony Fitzgerald AC QC, former judge of the New South Wales Court of Appeal
  • Dr Scott Prasser, Senior Lecturer in Management, Faculty of Business, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Acting Justice Ronald Sackville AO QC, New South Wales Court of Appeal
  • Mr Michael Sexton SC, New South Wales Solicitor-General
  • Ms Iris Stevens, former judge of the District Court of South Australia
  • Dr Kristin van Barneveld, Director, Policy and Research, Community and Public Sector Union
  • Mr Bret Walker SC, Barrister, St James Hall
  • The Hon Hal Wootten AC QC, former judge of the New South Wales Supreme Court and Foundation Dean of Law, University of New South Wales
  • Mr George Zdenkowski, Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Tasmania, and former New South Wales Magistrate

Indigenous Advisory Committee

  • Mr Maurice Shipp, National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
  • Ms Neva Collings, Environmental Defender’s Office
  • Ms Megan Davis, Indigenous Legal Centre
  • Mr Warren Mundine, NSW Native Titles Services
  • Mr Darryl French, Tranby Aboriginal College
  • Mr Steven Ross, Murray Lower Darling River Indigenous Nations
  • Mr Lincoln Crowley, NSW Indigenous Barristers Strategy Working Party

Family Violence Inquiry

Special Advisers

  • Mr George Zdenkowski
  • Dr Jane Wangmann
  • Dr Anne Cossins

Expert Readers

  • Mr Stephen Odgers SC
  • Professor Patrick Parkinson
  • Ms Hannah McGlade