Function creep

39.59 As DNA technology advances, new methods of analysis might allow forensic analysts to access increasing amounts of personal information about a person from a DNA sample. In future, there may be pressure to expand the scope of DNA analysis to include identification of physical and behavioural traits; or to expand the scope of persons subjected to testing to include particular community groups, all arrestees, all persons applying to enter Australia as tourists, immigrants, or asylum seekers, or even all Australians.[81]

39.60 The Inquiry believes that any future expansion of the use of this technology would necessitate community debate to strike an effective balance between individual privacy rights and the need for community protection from crime.

[81] For example, Peter Lindsay MP suggested in April 2001 that mandatory DNA sampling of all Australians should be introduced to create a comprehensive national DNA database: MP Calls for DNA Sampling of All Australians, ABC Online News, <>, 26 April 2001.