Discussion Paper 66

1.16   On 28 August 2002, the Inquiry released a second major community consultation document, this time a 992-page Discussion Paper on the Protection of Human Genetic Information (DP 66). The principal differences between DP 66 and IP 26 were that the latter contained the benefits of: (a) further and deeper research; (b) many additional consultations; and (c) the information and views contained in the large number of submissions received (see below). Most importantly, DP 66 replaced the many questions asked in IP 26 with a series of specific proposals for reform (as well as some new questions) for public consideration and comment. Nearly 3000 hard copies of DP 66 were distributed within Australia and overseas. This document also may be downloaded without charge from the ALRC’s website at <www.alrc.gov.au>, and is available in hard copy upon request.