WEBINAR Crypto Assets and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

Wednesday 15 February 2023 at 5.00pm AEDT

The Corporate Law and Financial Regulation Research Program, in association with the Australian Law Reform Commission, invites you to a webinar on the regulation of crypto assets and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations. The webinar will provide an update on regulatory developments in Australia and overseas, and will explore the direction of future reforms.

Please join the panel for a discussion covering:

  • Key concepts and the current ALRC Review of the Legislative Framework for Corporations and Financial Services Regulation;
  • Regulation of crypto assets in Australia in the context of global regulatory moves on crypto assets and stablecoins;
  • Standards necessary for legal recognition of DAOs and regulatory reform; and
  • DAOs and the non-profit sector: expanding the possibilities.


  • Chair Professor Rosemary Langford, Melbourne Law School
  • Dr Andrew Godwin, Special Counsel, Australian Law Reform Commission
  • Mr Laurence White, Barrister
  • Ms Joni Pirovich, Principal, Blockchain & Digital Assets
  • Emeritus Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes OAM, Queensland University of Technology


This webinar is being delivered live at 5.00pm AEDT on Wednesday 15 February 2023.

All are welcome. The webinar will be recorded.