Child support payers

10.87 While many of the proposals in this chapter, as well as those in Chapters 4 and 9 would improve safety of both payees and payers, a number of them—and those in Chapter 11—would improve the safety of victims only where they are payees. Recent data by the Australian National University’s Child Support Reform Study indicates that the small but growing group of female payers are most likely—at twice the level of other groups of payers and payees—to report a ‘fearful’ relationship with their former partners.[104] The ALRC is interested in hearing if other reforms are needed to improve the safety of payers who are victims of family violence.

Question 10–3 What reforms, if any, are necessary to improve the safety of victims of family violence who are child support payers?

[104] Bruce Smyth, Correspondence, 21 July 2011.