1.1 This Report is the result of an inquiry into whether the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) needs amendment to allow Australia to fully participate in a modern, digital economy. The Terms of Reference were released for public comment before the Inquiry began, and attracted over 60 submissions. Following consideration of this feedback, the Attorney-General released the final Terms of Reference on 1 June 2012.

1.2 Chapters 1–3 provide an overview of the policy framework and the background to the Inquiry. They set out in detail the issues raised by the Terms of Reference, the research behind the recommendations, analysis and discussion of stakeholder views.

1.3 In considering whether changes are needed to the Copyright Act, and options for reform, the ALRC is required to consider whether existing exceptions to copyright are appropriate, and whether further exceptions should be introduced. In doing so the ALRC has to take into account the impact of proposed changes on other areas of law, consistency with Australia’s international obligations and recommendations from other reviews.