RAP review

The ALRC recognises that historically the Australian legal system has failed to deliver better social and economic outcomes for Indigenous peoples. As a law reform body, we have the opportunity to contribute to social justice, equity and inclusion in Australia. Our main focus this year, in regards to the RAP, is to involve Indigenous people in the work of the ALRC and to seek Indigenous input—particularly to our core inquiry work.

We have revised and updated our Reconciliation Action Plan for 2012-14. The new RAP can be viewed online, along with the 2010–11 progress report.

On 4 June 2012, ALRC staff attended a full day of cultural awareness training, the third session of its kind since the ALRC first developed its RAP in 2009. We returned to Tranby Aboriginal College, for training facilitated by Jade Kennedy from Arrilla Indigenous Training and Development Consultants. Jade helped us interrogate ALRC protocols and strategies around indigenous consultation and, through a recounting of his personal experiences as an Indigenous man working in-community, provided valuable insight into indigenous issues, as well as the challenges – and potential – inherent in building meaningful working relationships with Indigenous people and communities.