Intern program

2012 calendar


Intern period

Closing date for applications

Semester 1 (part time)

2 April – 8 June (1 day a week)

10 Feb

Semester 2 (part-time)

27 August – 2 Nov (1 day a week)

6 July

Summer 2013 (full-time)*

3 week period between either:

  • 14 Jan – 1 Feb; or
  • 4 Feb – 22 Feb
26 October

The ALRC recognises that participating in the Semesters 1 and 2 one day per week programs is not feasible for interstate students. For that reason, the ALRC will give preference to interstate applicants for the full time three week summer program.

Incoming interns

In the recent round of applications for the internship program, the ALRC received a record 128 applications. In the new year, the five successful applicants will be working with ALRC legal officers on the upcoming Copyright and Age Discrimination Inquiries. They are:

  • Emille Boulot – is in her penultimate year of study in a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science double degree at Monash University. She has completed an Aurora Internship with the Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation in Cairns. She is also a founder of the Progressive Law Network
  • Brooke Greenwood –  is in the penultimate year of a combined Bachelor of Law and Arts degree at the Australian National University. In recent years she held the positions of Research Assistant for Laura Beecroft, Research Manager Australian Institute of Criminology, and Non-Indigenous Co-Convenor of ReconciliACT.
  • Ellenor Hayes – completed a Bachelor of Communication in 2009 and is in her final year of a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Newcastle. She volunteers as a paralegal at the University of Newcastle Legal Centre.
  • Riki Sutherland – completed his Juris Doctor at the Australian National University in July 2011. He is currently Associate to Justice Penfold of the ACT Supreme Court, and is completing a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.
  • Scott McIntosh – is in his second year at Harvard Law School. He has been a Public Corruption and Special Prosecutions Unit intern with the United States Attorney’s Office, as well as a legal intern at the International Justice Mission.

‘Ex-terns’ Adam Arnold and Sean Lau – interns on the National Classification Review

Adam Arnold and Sean Lau, both students at UNSW, were two of our interns over the August-November period. Before leaving us, we spoke with them about their experiences as ALRC interns, and working on the National Classification Review.

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