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Podcast: Elder abuse law reform proposals on enduring documents and family agreements

AudioTranscriptMarie-Claire Muir (MCM): Hi. I’m Marie-Claire Muir, Communications Manager at the Australian Law Reform Commission. I’m here with Matt Corrigan who’s a Principal Legal Officer at the ALRC and he’s been working on our Elder Abuse Inquiry. He’s been focussing in on a few different areas, but today we’re going to talk about enduring documents and family

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Podcast: Elder Abuse Discussion Paper and proposals for reform

AudioTranscriptSabina Wynn (SW): The ALRC has recently released a Discussion Paper for its inquiry into Elder Abuse and I’m here speaking with Professor Rosalind Croucher who’s the President of the ALRC and also leading this particular inquiry. Before we talk about the Discussion Paper and the proposals that are in that, I thought it would

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Elder Abuse – enews – Issue 5

Discussion Paper releasedThis morning we released the second consultation document for this Inquiry, a Discussion Paper, Elder Abuse (DP 83). The Discussion Paper includes 43 proposals for law reform. Key proposals have been made concerning powers of investigation for public advocates and public guardians; enduring powers of attorney and enduring guardianship; family agreements; banking; aged care; and

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Elder Abuse — Discussion Paper released

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) today released a Discussion Paper for its Elder Abuse Inquiry, Elder Abuse (DP 83), and is calling for comments and feedback on its law reform proposals.Elder abuse usually refers to the abuse or neglect of older people by family, friends and carers. Psychological and financial abuse are common types

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Indigenous Incarceration – enews – Issue 1

Consultation opens for Indigenous Incarceration Inquiry Terms of ReferenceYesterday, the Turnbull Government released a consultation draft of terms of reference for the Australian Law Reform Commission inquiry into the incarceration rate of Indigenous Australians.The consultation draft is being released now to ensure all interested persons and groups, in particular those from Indigenous communities, can have

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Encroachments on Freedoms— The ALRC Freedoms Inquiry

NSW Bar Association, 10 November 2016, Sydney, Professor Rosalind Croucher AM*[Note: Professor Croucher spoke to this paper, so the text below is not an exact transcript of the recording of the presentation—some comments were added, especially at the beginning; and some parts of the text were somewhat condensed in presentation]AcknowledgmentsAs the Head of an Australian Government

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Protecting the rights of older Australians from abuse through laws and legal frameworks—the ALRC’s Elder Abuse Inquiry

AAG 2016 National Conference, Canberra, 4 November 2016, Rosalind F Croucher*[Note: Professor Croucher spoke to this paper at the conference, including making reference to presenters in the same session that preceded her speech, so the text below is not an exact transcript of the recording of the presentation]AcknowledgmentI begin my presentation by acknowledging the traditional custodians

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Podcast: Interns, Semester 2 2016

TranscriptSabina Wynn (SW): Hello I’m Sabina Wynn, the Executive Director of the Australian Law Reform Commission and I’m here today with three of our most recent interns. They’ve just completed a semester with us working on the Elder Abuse Inquiry. I’m going to ask Scott first, so what have you actually been working on while

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Modelling Supported Decision Making in Commonwealth Laws – The ALRC’s 2014 Report and Making it Work

AGAC 2016 National Conference, 18 October 2016, Rosalind F Croucher*TranscriptAcknowledgment & IntroductionI begin by acknowledging the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, who are the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we meet—and I pay my respects to their elders, both past and present and acknowledge Indigenous guests attending today.I see my

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Common Law and the Protection of Rights, Freedoms and Privileges: Insights from the ALRC Freedoms Inquiry

The Common Law and the Protection of Rights, Freedoms and Privileges: Insights from the ALRC Freedoms Inquiry, The Mayo Lecture for 2016, James Cook University, Townsville, 12 September 2016 by Professor Rosalind Croucher AM*IntroductionThank you, Ed Harridge, President of the James Cook University (JCU) Student Association, for inviting me to present the Marylyn Mayo Lecture for 2016. I am deeply honoured

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