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ALRC recommends confronting complexity in corporations and financial services legislation

Today the Australian Law Reform Commission report, Confronting Complexity: Reforming Corporations and Financial Services Legislation (ALRC Report 141), was tabled in Parliament by the Attorney-General of Australia, the Hon Mark Dreyfus KC.

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The regulatory challenges of evolving technology and financial services law

Author: Dr Vannessa Ho As the ALRC’s Financial Services Legislation Inquiry reaches its conclusion, it pays to look to the future. In an ever-evolving technological landscape, what will be the next challenge for financial services law? This article explores some recent innovations and the regulatory challenges they (and similar future developments) pose in the context

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Should we use emojis in legislative drafting?

Author: Jane Hall Emojis are ubiquitous in modern communication. In 2021, Unicode reported that 92% of the world’s online population use emojis. Emojipedia estimates that over 900 million emojis are sent each day without text on Facebook Messenger, and that by mid-2015, half of all comments on Instagram included an emoji. Given how frequently we

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Consumer Experiences in Financial Services: A Research Survey Collaboration

Data collection and analysis have been crucial in the ALRC’s inquiry into the legislative framework for corporations and financial services regulation. During the Inquiry, the ALRC partnered with leading academics and consumer advocacy group CHOICE to commission survey research of consumer understandings and experiences with financial services and the legislative framework for their regulation. The

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RECORDING Maximising rights in religious education institutions: International perspectives

Human rights practitioners and policymakers have long considered how to ‘balance’ human rights when they intersect or overlap. But what if we have been using the wrong metaphor to guide this important work? As part of the ALRC’s Inquiry into Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws, the ALRC and Wolters Kluwer hosted a webinar to hear

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WEBINAR Maximising rights in religious educational institutions: International perspectives

Register now Like Australia, countries around the world have grappled with the question of how anti-discrimination laws should apply to religious educational institutions. This engages a range of overlapping rights including the right to freedom of religion or belief, right to non-discrimination, right to education, children’s rights, and right to privacy. Different jurisdictions have –

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RECORDING From Ideas to Action: What Interim Report C means for you

Restructuring and reframing the legislative framework for financial services Why does the structure and framing of legislation matter? What are the problems with the current structure of Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act? How can financial services legislation be made easier to navigate and understand? On Monday 10 July 2023, the ALRC hosted a webinar

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WEBINAR From Ideas to Action: What Interim Report C means for you

Restructuring and reframing the legislative framework for financial services Monday 10 July 2023 at 1.00pm AEST Register now Everyday objects are easier to use if they are well designed. The same is true of the law. Join the ALRC to examine Interim Report C and what it means for you. Hear about the ALRC’s proposals for

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Unpacking and repacking Chapter 7: Improving the structure and framing of financial services legislation

Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) is like an old cupboard: it is crammed full and poorly organised, with insufficient time set aside for the occasional spring clean. While the first few boxes fit in this cupboard, over time the containers have become mislabeled and inconsistently sorted.

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