Podcast: Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws - the Discussion Paper


This is Rosalind Croucher, I’m President of the Australian Law Reform Commission and I’m the Commissioner who has been leading the inquiry into Disability and Commonwealth Laws.

Podcast: Summer Interns 2014

Lidija Bujanovic, Laura Neill and Andrew Brooks took part in the 2014 summer legal internship program at the ALRC, working on the Disbaility inquiry and the review of the Native Title Act. In this recording they talk about their experiences, tasks they performed, and what they learned as ALRC legal interns.

Podcast: ALRC intern interview - Max Bulinski

In August 2012 Max Bulinski, from the University of Michigan in the United States, joined the ALRC as a full-time intern.

Podcast: ALRC intern interview - Fritz Siregar

In August 2012 Fritz Sirega, from Indonesia, joined the ALRC as an intern. Fritz is a recipient of one of AusAID’s Australian Leadership Awards Scholarships.

Podcast: ALRC intern interview - Hannah Ryan and Max Dalton

Hannah Ryan and Max Dalton joined the ALRC as part-time interns during Semester 2 2012. Hannah worked on the Age Barriers to Work inquiry, while Max worked mainly on Copyright and the Digital Economy. In this recording they describe their experiences.