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Podcast: ALRC intern interview – Max Bulinski

In August 2012 Max Bulinski, from the University of Michigan in the United States, joined the ALRC as a full-time intern. Max was the recipient of a Bates Fellowship, enabling him to work at the ALRC, in Sydney, for nearly 4 months. Max worked closely with the Copyright inquiry team and, in this interview, explains

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Podcast: ALRC intern interview – Fritz Siregar

In August 2012 Fritz Sirega, from Indonesia, joined the ALRC as an intern. Fritz is a recipient of one of AusAID’s Australian Leadership Awards Scholarships.These scholarships are given to emerging leaders from developing countries who show great promise for giving their country a better future. As part of the scholarship, AusAID offers the scholars the opportunity to

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Podcast: ALRC intern interview – Hannah Ryan and Max Dalton

Hannah Ryan and Max Dalton joined the ALRC as part-time interns during Semester 2 2012. Hannah worked on the Age Barriers to Work inquiry, while Max worked mainly on Copyright and the Digital Economy. In this recording they describe their experiences. Transcript Sara Peel (SP): Hello. I’m Sara Peel, Senior Legal Officer at the Australian

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Podcast: The Age Barriers to Work Discussion Paper

ALRC President Professor Rosalind Croucher and Executive Director Sabina Wynn discuss some of the issues and proposals in the Discussion Paper recently released for the Age Barriers to Work inquiry.

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Podcast: Commissioner Terry Flew on recommendations made in the Classification Review’s Final Report

AudioDownload / listen to audio >>TranscriptSW: I’m Sabina Wynn, Executive Director of the Australian Law Reform Commission, and I’m here with Professor Terry Flew who is the Commissioner in Charge of the ALRC’s inquiry into the National Classification Scheme. The ALRC has just completed its Final Report which has 57 recommendations for reform. So, Terry,

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Podcast: Brooke Greenwood and Riki Sutherland on interning at the ALRC

Audio Download/ listen to audio >> Brooke Greenwood and Riki Sutherland completed a legal internship with the ALRC in Semester 1 2012. Legal Offcier, Khanh Hoang, spoke with them about their experiences as ALRC interns. Transcript Khanh Hoang, ALRC Legal Officer (KH):  Hello, and welcome to another podcast for the ALRC. My name is Khanh

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‘Ex-terns’ Adam Arnold and Sean Lau – interns on the National Classification Review

Adam Arnold and Sean Lau, both students at UNSW, were two of our interns over the August-November period. Before leaving us, we spoke with them about their experiences as ALRC interns, and working on the National Classification Review. Listen to audio >> Transcript Marie-Claire Muir (MM): Hi my name’s Marie-Claire Muir. I’m Web Manager at

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Podcast: The National Classification Review Discussion Paper

Commissioner in charge of the Review, Professor Terry Flew, talks about problems inherent in the current system, and the new model proposed in the ALRC Discussion Paper. Audio Download / listen to audio >> Transcript Sabina Wynn (SW): Hello, I’m Sabina Wynn, the Executive Director of the Australian Law Reform Commission and I’m here with

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Jennifer Ruiz – interning at the ALRC

In May/June 2011 the ALRC was fortunate to have a legal intern from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Jennifer Ruiz, who was sponsored to spend five weeks with us. Jennifer also completed a BA in Political Science at the Florida International University and has worked as a judicial intern at the Court of Special Appeals

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Podcast: Lucinda O’Dwyer and Catherine Farrell discuss their experiences as ALRC interns

Rosalind Croucher, President of the Australian Law Reform Commission, in conversation with two interns from the 2011 summer program, Lucinda O’Dwyer and Catherine Farrell, both JD students, one with the University of Melbourne, and the other at Monash University. This podcast aims to provide insight into how the internships work at the Australian Law Reform

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