Corporate Criminal Responsibility Podcast Series

In this podcast series you will hear from several members of the Australian Law Reform Commission team discussing key issues raised in the Corporate Criminal Responsibility Final Report.

Each of the short interviews will unpack the current landscape and the final recommendations made by the ALRC.

Listen to all podcast in the series, or scroll down to find a specific episode.

The report, Corporate Criminal Responsibility (Report 136, 2020) was delivered to the Attorney-General on 30 April 2020 and tabled in Parliament on 31 August 2020.

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1. Overview

The Hon Justice SC Derrington provides an overview of the Corporate Criminal Responsibility Inquiry. Read more in Chapter 1 of the Final Report.

Read overview script.

2. The Data

ALRC Legal Officer Sophie Ryan explains the role of data in the ALRC’s law reform process, the data presented in the Final Report and access to criminal justice data more broadly. Read more in Chapter 3 of the Final Report.

Read data script.

3. Attribution

Matt Corrigan, General Counsel at the ALRC explains why the legal mechanisms of attribution require reform. Read more in Chapter 6 of the Final Report.

Read attribution script.

4. The Model

ALRC Legal Officer Samuel Walpole discusses the theoretical foundations of corporate criminal responsibility and how we might achieve a principled use of criminalisation in corporate regulation. Read more in Chapter 4 of the Final Report.

Read the model script.

5. Specific Offences

Matt Corrigan (ALRC General Counsel) and Samuel Walpole (ALRC Legal Officer) delve into the details of specific offences. Read more in Chapter 7 of the Final Report.

Read specific offences script.

6. Individual Liability

Sarah Fulton (ALRC Senior Legal Officer) explains the ALRC’s reasoning around individual liability. Read more in Chapter 9 of the Final Report.

Read individual liability script.

7. Sentencing

ALRC Legal Officer Phoebe Tapley discusses how the recommendations ensure that sentencing processes and penalties for corporations are responsive to the nature of corporations and corporate wrongdoing. Read more in Chapter 8 of the Final Report.

Read sentencing script.

8. Transnational Crime

ALRC Legal Officer Tess Van Geelen explains the regulation of transnational crime and some of the ways that Australian companies can be held responsible for their involvement in offshore human rights violations. Read more in Chapter 10 of the Final Report.

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