What is an EPUB?

EPUB is an open ebook format which can be read with a variety of different devices including compatible ebook readers, tablet computers and smart phones.

Some of the useful functions EPUB files and readers generally provide are:

  • improved search capacity across a publication
  • resizable text
  • annotation tools
  • bookmarking
  • the convenience of use in a mobile device

Where possible, the ALRC provides EPUB versions of documents as an additional format. Please note that different e-readers, devices and browsers may alter formatting and functionality in different ways. If page fidelity is important to you, or you require an exact copy of the document, please use the HTML or PDF formats available on the ALRC website.

ALRC EPUBs are best viewed using the iBooks app on the iPad. However, it is free of digital rights management (DRM) restrictions and can be used with any software or hardware able to read EPUB 2.0 files. EPUBs can also be read using a variety of free website services, such as book.ish or MagicScroll, and the Firefox plugin EPUBReader.