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ALRC InBrief | October 2014

Inquiry update Review of the Native Title Act The Native Title Inquiry team has just released a Discussion Paper – the second consultation document for this Inquiry. It is available in HTML, PDF, and as an ebook. The ALRC is calling for submissions in response to the Discussion Paper. Submissions are due on 18 December  2014.

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Native Title enews – Issue 6 – October 2014

Issue 6 | 23 October 2014Discussion Paper releasedWe’ve now released our second consultation document for this Inquiry, a Discussion Paper. Review of the Native Title Act 1993 (DP 82) contains a range of proposals and questions around connection requirements for the recognition and scope of native title rights and interests; authorisation; and joinder provisions. The ALRC invites individuals and organisations to make

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Freedoms enews | Issue 3 | Crowdsourcing law reform

Freedoms WikiIn the last enews we talked about the tasks that lie ahead for the ALRC Freedoms Inquiry. The first task is to identify Commonwealth laws that encroach—justifiably or not—on traditional rights, freedoms and privileges.To assist in creating this catalogue, the ALRC has set up a public wiki—a set of collaborative online documents that ALRC staff and

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Final report tabled today!

Today our Final Report, Serious Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era (Report 123) was tabled in Parliament. It is now publicly available.The Report and a Summary Report is available to freely download or purchase in hard copy from the ALRC website. The Report is also freely available as an ebook.ALRC recommendations do not automatically become law. The Australian Government decides whether to implement the

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Freedoms enews | Issue 2

Issue 2 | 21 August 2014 View original formatReview of Commonwealth Laws for Consistency with Traditional Rights, Freedoms and PrivilegesWith the start of this Inquiry—‘the Freedoms Inquiry’—the ALRC has two substantial tasks ahead of it. The first is to identify Commonwealth laws that encroach on traditional rights, freedoms and privileges. The second is to determine whether these

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Native Title – Issue 5 – June 2014

Issue 5 | 30 June 2014. View original formatThank you!We’d like to thank all the individuals and organisations who made submissions in response to the Issues Paper. They represent a valuable contribution to this Inquiry and will help us further develop our thinking as we work towards a Discussion Paper.  We received over 35 submissions, and these are available for

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Freedoms enews | Issue 1 | Terms of Reference

Issue 1, 23 May 2013 Terms of Reference received Welcome to the first enews for the Review of Commonwealth Laws for Consistency with Traditional Rights, Freedoms and Privileges—we’ll be referring to it as the ‘Freedoms Inquiry’. Attorney-General, Senator the Hon George Brandis QC,announced this Inquiry in December 2013 and released draft Terms of Reference at that time.

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Disability enews | Issue 8 | Discussion Paper released!

Issue 8 | 22 May 2014. View original format.Discussion Paper released!We are pleased to announce the release of the Discussion Paper for this Inquiry, Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws (DP 81). The Discussion Paper provides a detailed account of ALRC research so far, and includes more than 50 proposals and a number of questions for people to consider and provide feedback on.The Discussion Paper

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Native Title Inquiry | Issue 4

Issue 4 | 07 May 2014. View original format.Submissions due in 1 week!We’d like to remind everyone that submissions in response to the Native Title Issues Paper are due next week. We are keen to get as much input as possible, so please use the online form or email your submission (in Word format) to us by Wednesday 14 May.See Issues Paper >>Online

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Disability enews | Issue 7

Issue 7 | 6 May 2014.  View original format. Save the date! We’ve been a bit quiet recently. That’s because we’ve had our heads down reading submissions, reviewing our research and consultation notes, and writing the Discussion Paper. In a couple of weeks it will be ready for release, and at that point we’ll be calling

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