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Discovery e-news | Issue 4

Issue 4 | October 2010   View original formatThe month in summaryThis month, the ALRC Discovery team headed to Melbourne for a further round of consultations.  We met with the Australian Institute of Judicial Administration, which had previously convened a seminar on discovery in August 2007.  The material coming out of that seminar provides us with

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Discovery e-news | Issue 3

Issue 3 | September 2010   View original format The month in summary The highlight of the last month was the first Discovery Advisory Committee meeting, where we subjected our preliminary ideas—gleaned from our research and consultations to date—to the scrutiny of an assembled body of leading experts. The ‘thought bubbles’ were robustly debated among the group, including

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Discovery e-news | Issue 2

Issue 2 | August 2010   View original format The month in summary Over the last month, we have embarked on some preliminary consultations and research into the discovery process.  We are very grateful to those who have given us their time to talk about this inquiry and appreciate the contributions that have been made to

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Discovery e-news | Issue 1

Welcome to the inquiry The 2009 Report of the Access to Justice Taskforce, A Strategic Framework for Access to Justice in the Federal Civil Justice System, considered barriers to justice in relation to court-based dispute resolution and noted the high and often disproportionate cost of discovery.  The reference of this inquiry to the ALRC is

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FVI e-newsletter – June 2010

Breaking news – extension granted for submissions to 25 June! We are delighted to be able to tell you all that just today we have been granted an extension in the reporting date for the Family Violence inquiry, including a three-week extension for stakeholders to put in submissions. This is excellent news! The Attorney-General, the Hon

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FVI e-newsletter – May 2010

Consultation documents released!The ALRC and NSWLRC are pleased to announce the release of the Consultation Paper for this inquiry, Family Violence—Improving Legal Frameworks (ALRC CP1). You can request a copy on CDROM from the ALRC, or access it in PDF and RTF formats via the ALRC website. Printed copies will be available in mid May

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FVI e-newsletter – April 2010

Consultation Paper to be released late April The Consultation Paper for the Family Violence Inquiry will be released late April. It will be available on CDROM, as a PDF (via the ALRC website) and in HTML (via the AustLII website). A hard copy of the report will be available soon after. Given the importance of

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FVI e-newsletter – February 2010

This month in summary The Commission is deep in writing mode this month, with the release of the Consultation Paper planned for late April. But we have still managed to fit in some further excellent consultations. In particular, we had a second roundtable discussion with the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, one of the

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FVI e-newsletter – January 2010

This month in summary With only a short break between Christmas and New Year, the ALRC Family Violence team is now in writing mode, drawing together all the material gathered so far. There are still some initial consultations to do, but for the most part it will be writing, writing, writing, till the end of

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FVI e-newsletter – December 2009

This month in summary Welcome to the second monthly ALRC Family Violence e-newsletter. Over the last month, we have been extremely busy continuing our consultations and research and have very much appreciated the contributions that many of you have made to our thinking to date.  In response to the ‘Issue in Focus’ last month—on vulnerable

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