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Family violence & Commonwealth laws e-news | Issue 2

Issue 2 | January 2011   View original formatInquiry updateAs this is the first e-newsletter for the year, let me wish you all a happy New Year. Over the past month the Inquiry team has been able to organise a few consultations, but the focus now is on the preparation of consultation documents to elicit

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Discovery e-news | Issue 7

Issue 7 | December 2010   View original format The month in summary  Following the release of the Discovery Consultation Paper, the ALRC embarked on a short and targeted round of consultations with key stakeholders—bearing in mind the timeframe for this Inquiry, and the proximity to Christmas vacation! The Discovery team travelled to Canberra for consultations

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Family violence & Commonwealth laws e-news | Issue 1

Issue 1 | November 2010   View original format And now the follow-on On 11 November the report, Family Violence—A National Legal Response (ALRC 114/NSWLRC 128) was released.  Many of you would have heard all about this through the e-newsletter for that inquiry plus other media channels.  As both the Commonwealth and NSW Attorneys-General launched the

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Discovery e-news | Issue 6

Issue 6 | November 2010   View original format Consultation Paper released! We are pleased to announce the release of Discovery in Federal Courts (ALRC CP 2).See media release >> Due to a reduction in the ALRC’s appropriation as part of the Government’s budget measures, the ALRC is no longer able to provide hard copies of

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FVI e-newsletter – November 2010

November 2010   View original formatFinal Report launched today! I am thrilled to announce that our Final Report into family violence laws has been launched today by both the Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland and the NSW Attorrney General John Hatzistergos, and it is now official! The Report, Family Violence—a National Legal Response, makes 187 recommendations for

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Discovery e-news | Issue 5

Issue 5 | November 2010   View original format The month in summary This month, the ALRC consulted with the Australian Taxation Office to discuss discovery issues in the context of tax litigation. We were interested to hear about the practical operation of procedures, particularly those effecting the discovery process, set down in Practice Note Tax

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FVI e-newsletter – October 2010 – Final Report submitted to Attorney-General!

October 2010   View original format Final Report submitted to Attorney-General! Subscribers to the ALRC FVI newsletter would know that in May the ALRC received a six week extension to the original reporting date from 31 July to 10 September 2010.  The granting of the extension was an acknowledgement that this was a very complex and broad ranging

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Discovery e-news | Issue 4

Issue 4 | October 2010   View original formatThe month in summaryThis month, the ALRC Discovery team headed to Melbourne for a further round of consultations.  We met with the Australian Institute of Judicial Administration, which had previously convened a seminar on discovery in August 2007.  The material coming out of that seminar provides us with

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Discovery e-news | Issue 3

Issue 3 | September 2010   View original format The month in summary The highlight of the last month was the first Discovery Advisory Committee meeting, where we subjected our preliminary ideas—gleaned from our research and consultations to date—to the scrutiny of an assembled body of leading experts. The ‘thought bubbles’ were robustly debated among the group, including

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Discovery e-news | Issue 2

Issue 2 | August 2010   View original format The month in summary Over the last month, we have embarked on some preliminary consultations and research into the discovery process.  We are very grateful to those who have given us their time to talk about this inquiry and appreciate the contributions that have been made to

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