FVI e-newsletter – October 2010 – Final Report submitted to Attorney-General!

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Final Report submitted to Attorney-General!

Subscribers to the ALRC FVI newsletter would know that in May the ALRC received a six week extension to the original reporting date from 31 July to 10 September 2010.  The granting of the extension was an acknowledgement that this was a very complex and broad ranging inquiry, with very high community engagement and required a longer period to complete effectively. The extension also allowed stakeholders an extra three weeks to prepare submissions. During that period the ALRC received a very large number of substantial new submissions, and continued to receive important submissions even well after the extended submission date. Meanwhile, the organisation experienced an unusually high incidence of illness amongst its legal staff over the period of the Inquiry, substantially impacting our work schedules. Given these circumstances, the Attorney-General agreed to a second extension with the Final Report to be presented on 10 October 2010 – which was met … phew!

The Family Violence team would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this Inquiry – whether by formal submission, face-to-face consultation, the online comment form or via the Family Violence Inquiry blog. There has been a tremendous amount of input from a broad range of stakeholders.

The Final Report, Family Violence — A National Legal Response (ALRC 114) (NSW 128) was delivered to the Attorney-General on 10 October and it should be tabled in Parliament within 15 sitting days of that reporting date. Please note, the Final Report is under embargo until it has been tabled. Once tabled, the public will be able to access the Report in html and PDF format via the ALRC website. People or organisations that made a submission to the Inquiry will receive a free CD-Rom of the Report. Those wishing to purchase a print copy will also be able to do so via the website.

The Report is in two volumes with a companion Summary Report.

We will send the final newsletter for this inquiry notifying subscribers once the Final Report is available to the public.

Farewell and thank you to Magistrate Anne Goldsbrough

The term of ALRC part-time Commissioner Anne Goldsbrough ended on 31 August 2010. Magistrate Goldsbrough was appointed to the ALRC specifically for the Family Violence Inquiry and she has brought a wealth of practical experience, professional knowledge, and leadership to the role. As part of the Family Violence team, Magistrate Goldsbrough has been involved in our consultation processes, holding judicial roundtables in Melbourne and Canberra, and conducting a number of consultations in Tasmania and Melbourne. She also presented on the Inquiry at a public meeting in Tasmania. The ALRC thanks Magistrate Goldsbrough for the energy and commitment she has brought to her role and for the guidance and advice that she has provided. It has been a privilege and honour to have her involved in the Inquiry.  

New Inquiry: Family violence and Commonwealth laws (FV2)

During the Family Violence Inquiry, issues arose that were beyond its scope relating to the impact of Commonwealth laws (other than the Family Law Act 1975) on those experiencing family violence. In July 2010, the ALRC was given new Terms of Reference. The Commission has been asked to report on the treatment of family/domestic violence in Commonwealth laws, including child support and family assistance law, immigration law, employment law, social security law, superannuation law and privacy provisions in relation to those experiencing family/domestic violence.

Now that the work for the original Family Violence Inquiry is complete, work on this new Family Violence inquiry (FV2) will commence. The reporting date is November 2011.

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