The idea of ‘adequacy’

4.4 The idea of adequacy is a complex one, linked to desired outcomes and purposes. The idea of adequacy prompts the question ‘adequacy for what?’ Whether the ALRC’s resources are adequate to meet its objectives, depends therefore on how those objectives are defined—their scope and their depth. The ALRC’s functions and objectives have been outlined at a general level above, and some functions may be seen to be intrinsic to a law reform body, others may seem to develop from and enhance the former.

4.5 The ALRC considers that the baseline for any consideration of adequacy is the production of high quality, well researched and well documented reports and the necessary staff and time to produce them.

4.6 The wider the understanding of what an independent institutional law reform body can do generates a broader appreciation of ‘adequacy’.

4.7 From quite a small base the ALRC can generate considerable extra ‘gain’ in terms of impact, including:

  • a significant enhancement of the government’s law reform agenda through reports;
  • a valuable contribution to international goodwill through cooperation and training; and
  • a significant contribution to legal education, judicial understanding and academic debate on matters covered in reports.