Australian Law Reform Commission

President and Commissioner in Charge of this Inquiry

Professor Rosalind Croucher


The Hon Justice Berna Collier, Part-time Commissioner

The Hon Justice Susan Kenny, Part-time Commissioner

Executive Director

Sabina Wynn

Legal Team

Amanda Alford, Legal Officer

Bruce Alston, Acting Principal Legal Officer

Justine Clarke, Senior Legal Officer

Khanh Hoang, Legal Officer

Krista Lee-Jones, Legal Officer

Virginia Marshall, Senior Legal Officer

Sara Peel, Legal Officer


Carolyn Kearney

Web Manager

Marie-Claire Muir


Nina Abbey

Katie Batty

Catherine Farrell

Kyrren Konstantinidis

Sean Lau

Lauren Loz

Julie McKenzie

Stacey McEvoy

Kathryn Nielson

Jennifer Ruiz

Andrew Trotter