Net effect of recommendations

The net effect of the recommendations, taken as an overall reform package, will be that:

  • the legal framework is as seamless as possible from the point of view of those who engage with it;
  • victims have better access to legal and other responses to family violence;
  • legal responses to family violence are fair and just, holding those who use family violence accountable for their actions and providing protection to victims, but also ensuring safeguards to accused persons in the criminal justice context; and
  • interventions and support in circumstances of family violence are effective.

As noted at the outset, the referral of this Inquiry to the Commissions forms one plank in the Australian Government response towards the goal ‘to reduce all violence in our communities’. To meet the challenges of such a goal requires enormous co-operation, trust, respect, patience, commitment—and leadership. In this Inquiry, the Commissions have undertaken consultations nationwide and received 240 submissions from a wide range of stakeholders. The expectations of our work—and that of the Australian, state and territory governments in response—are also considerable.